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A healthier, safer life

Vivago develops and markets automatic personal alarm systems for monitoring and analysing users’ activity levels, based on its patented technology, a combination of sensors and algorithms that allow body signals to be analysed automatically and continuously. Vivago’s telecare solution is already in use by tens of thousands of people across Europe.

The Vivago concept is used in more than 300 nursing homes and care facilities across Europe and in Japan, while more than 15,000 home systems are active.
The Vivago Care watch is much more than just an ordinary alarm, it is the world’s first safety device that automatically monitors a person’s wellbeing with the help of the body’s physiological signals 24 hours a day.

The unit adapts to a user’s normal activity level and skin conductivity, and when it registers a significant change in ctivity it automatically sends an alarm to a selected recipient.

The Vivago Care watch is intended for anyone wanting and needing additional security. Excellent results have been obtained with elderly people living at home or in care facilities, as well as chronically ill patients. The activity data transmitted by a Vivago watch can support care activities by monitoring parameters like sleep/wake rhythms. The system can also be used as a wandering detection solution for users with dementia.

Two core solutions

Two solutions are offered – a home application and an institutional application – tailored to the needs of the elderly and chronically ill living at home and in sheltered accommodation and nursing homes.

In the home system, users are provided with a watch and a base unit connected to the local telephone network. A speech connection can be established between the user and the alarm recipient in an alarm situation, and activity curve data sent to the alarm recipient or a third-party recipient, such as the family doctor, for following up short- and longterm changes in the user’s activity rhythm.

The institutional system provides three levels of care: basic security, wandering detection, and activity monitoring. When needed, the basic solution can be upgraded easily.

Activity data, for example, can be very useful as an aid for preventive care measures, as well as following up rehabilitation and convalescence.

Unique feature set

The Vivago concept offers several unique features compared to traditional emergency response or nurse call systems.

The main differentiating factor is that it monitors activity levels continuously, enabling alarms to be sent automatically when people are unable to press the manual alarm button themselves. The system also monitors its own status continually and will detect if a watch is removed.

> Susanne Lindblad
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)