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Advanced pressure relief

The development of a unique therapeutic air mattress started in 1987, and management bought the business in 1994. Carital products are known for their simplicity of use and proven efficacy. The main application is pressure sore management for immobile patients; customers are hospitals, nursing homes, and home care providers.

The Carital Group offers a complete range of efficient, easy-to-use pressure relief systems and related products and services for wound care and pain management, and also has a rapidly growing self-care business.
The most important competitive pressure relieving product, the alternating mattress, reduces and increases contact pressure on the skin periodically. Carital systems do not do this. Their unique air cell construction and reactive and precise adjustment system reduce tissue strain to the minimum continuously in all patient positions.

Therapeutic speciality mattresses are also needed when patients feel pain due to the smallest pressure exerted on their skin. Alternating systems are contraindicated here as well. Cancer patients can often only sleep in one position, and repositioning causes movement pain. The superb pressure relief and comfort properties of Carital systems ensure that patients sleep longer without repositioning.

For the very high-risk immobile patients treated in hospital intensive care and medical/surgical departments, Carital has developed the Optima speciality mattress. Its exceptional efficacy has been clinically proven with the help of two randomised clinical trials. Carital also offers clinics unique products such as Neo, a pressure relief system for premature infants. This can be adjusted precisely and automatically, even for weights of 500 grams.

Products used in long-term care must be functional, and Carital offers a comprehensive product range for this segment. The most important of these are OptimaEZ, an easy-to-use and efficient speciality mattress developed for stable high-risk patients in long-term care; and OptimaRehab, a unique product for paraplegics, enhancing their independent transfer from bed to wheelchair.


Carital exports 90% of its output. The company has well-established dealerships in several countries, and the most important of its some 20 export markets are Germany and the US.

Carital acquired the German manufacturer of combination foam mattresses, Hapeka GmbH, in 2005. Its practical, economical, and functional products complement Carital’s well. Carital acquired Finnish-based MediMattress Oy in 2008. Its product range consists of advanced foam mattresses, wheelchair cushions, neck pillows, positioning aids, and speciality products. MediMattress also has a self-care business, and develops, manufactures, and markets consumer products for healthier sleep.

The vision

Carital Group products are sold and rented to health care professionals and consumers, and the company is a profitable and technological leader in therapeutic mattresses and related products worldwide. The aim is to develop an international group headquartered in Finland with operational units largely abroad. Carital is also interested in joint ventures. As an owner or important business partner, Carital defines exactly what it expects of JVs or subsidiaries, and believes that good incentives must be paid to management and that businesses should be given a large degree of operational freedom.

> Hannu Saarinen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)