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Protection and performance

Defence and aerospace group Patria serves both the Finnish Defence Forces and the international market. The business is focused on three main areas: armoured wheeled vehicles, mortar systems, and ammunition products; services for military aircraft and helicopters; and command and control systems.

Working through its Land & Armament Business Unit, Patria has become Europe’s leading supplier of armoured wheeled vehicles (AMVs) weighing up to 26 tonnes, and develops and delivers technologically advanced AMVs and 120 mm mortar systems, together with dedicated through-life services. Patria AMVs are currently being used by Polish forces in Afghanistan with great success in terms of superior protection and performance, and have also been selected by armies in Finland, Slovenia, South Africa, Croatia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Patria has a long-term strategic partnership with the Finnish Air Force.

The Patria Nemo is the latest member of the company’s mortar system family, and features an unmanned 120 mm mortar turret with excellent signature management and ballistic protection. Capable of being mounted on a wide range of platforms, both vehicles and vessels, the system offers exceptional accuracy and agility, and can be ready to fire in less than 30 seconds.

In the air

Patria’s Aviation Business Unit offers maintenance, repair, and modification services, as well as pilot training, and is the leading Nordic through-life services provider for military and other official aircraft and helicopters.

Patria is also responsible for assembling the Nordic NH90 transport helicopters that have been ordered by Finland, Sweden, and Norway. Patria and NHIndustries have signed a cooperation agreement to give Patria an extended NHI service centre capability, and the plan is to offer this service jointly to other Nordic NH90 customers.

Building on its long-term strategic partnership with the Finnish Air Force, Patria recently established a joint international flight training centre for international customers utilising Hawk aircraft operated by the Finnish Air Force’s Training Air Wing at Kauhava and the extensive airspace available there for tactical and weapons training.

System integration

Patria’s Systems Business Unit is the Finnish Defence Forces’ leading supplier of domestic systems components and participates in the integration and implementation of systems procured from abroad or as a partner for international suppliers. The unit also develops its own products and supports Patria’s other business units in command and communications and fire management systems in areas such as integration, indirect fire software modules, and system upgrades.

The Patria AMV has been developed to provide optimal protection, performance, and component modularity. The vehicle can be adapted to a wide range of needs without changing basic systems.
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(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)