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A new approach to Surface Plasmon Resonance

KSV Instruments is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of instruments for molecular film research, as well as R&D and quality assurance in surface and colloid chemistry – and now offers advanced Surface Plasmon Resonance measurement technology.
KSV Instruments Ltd.

KSV’s scientific instruments are used for characterising nanoscale films and surface-molecular interactions, and the company is a pioneer in nanoscale film deposition based on Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett technologies. Its expertise covers areas such as Interfacial Shear Rheometers (ISR), Polarisation Modulation IR reflection absorption spectroscopes (PM-IRRAS) – and Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR).

SPR is an established and powerful method for monitoring label-free biomolecular interactions in liquids, and can deliver much more today, thanks to the KSV SPR 200.

Unique features

A slight change at the interface will lead to a change in the SPR signal, allowing precise measurements of nanoscale film properties, as well as surface molecular interactions.

With the KSV SPR 200, researchers can not only address traditional biophysical interaction phenomena, but also characterise the optical constants and thicknesses of nanoscale structures, in addition to surface-molecular interactions, biomaterial films, and gas sensors.

The SPR 200 uses an increased angular scan range to produce a complete SPR curve and simultaneously characterise surfaces in a gas and/or a liquid. This enables researchers to check the quality of user-defined surfaces before sample injection, and broadens overall measurement potential – making it ideal for surface analysis in a number of application areas.

Any prime surface can be used without the risk of contamination, thanks to an innovative sensor plate holder designed for easy ‘drop-in’ testing. Sensor plates can be modified outside the instrument prior to actual analysis; and sensor plate holders can be labelled and used for the long-term storage of custom-modified surfaces.

This unique removable sensor system provides additional flexibility, as it allows SPR data to be combined with other widely used techniques to provide information on things such as surface topography, surface wettability, chemical composition, photochemical processes, swelling, and adsorption.

The proprietary optical gel used in the KSV SPR 200 does away with the need for messy and potentially contaminating index-matching oil, and provides convenient access to the easily removable flow cell. An optional immobiliser can be used for in-situ functionalisation of SPR slides.

Advanced design

The integrated software and intuitive design of the KVR SPR 200 System makes it very flexible, and easy to use. Its features include:

  • Highly sensitive measurements (1 pg/mm2)
  • Increased angular range for simultaneous gas and liquid-phase measurements
  • Contamination-free index matching thanks to a proprietary optical gel
  • ‘Drop-in’ sensor plate
  • Integrated high-performance liquid handling
  • Dual measurement channels for in-line referencing and/or duplicate measurements
  • Support for a second laser wavelength
  • Automated determination of measurement parameters.
> Sauli Törmälä
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)