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Stopping fires in their tracks

Electrical fires claim countless lives around the world every year. The Fidepro Intelligent Smoke Alarm is designed to combat these hazards by simply switching off the power supply in an area affected by a short circuit or similar incident. This is a unique Fidepro capability.

Unlike conventional systems, which simply set off an alarm when smoke is detected, the Fidepro Intelligent Smoke Alarm goes further – by cutting off the power supply from an appliance that is defective or has accidentally been left on, causing a fire to begin smouldering. This prevents fires from developing and possibly beginning to burn out of control.

Fidepro technology can do this thanks to a patented relay unit. If a television, PC, or other device begins to smoke, a Fidepro Intelligent Smoke Alarm will send an impulse through a building’s electrical wiring to a relay unit, and the fault current safety switch inside will then cut off the power supply.

The Fidepro Intelligent Smoke Alarm protects people and property against fires that result from malfunctions in the growing number of electrical appliances used today, in the home, in offices, and other buildings.

As the system is backed up by battery power, it will keep running even if a building’s main power supply is cut. The system can also be configured to switch off power only in specific rooms or spaces, such as a kitchen or bedroom, ensuring that lighting remains on in other rooms, to aid fire fighting and rescue work.

A versatile technology

Fidepro technology is equally suitable for both new and old buildings, as well as apartments, offices, holiday homes, and other locations – as is very easy to install and highly reliable.

It is also very cost-effective, as it uses existing electrical wiring and requires no separate transmitters or receivers.

The technology can also be applied to gas detectors, temperature detectors, and radiation detectors.

A unique technology

  • No other system provides such simple and effective protection
  • Stops fires before flames begin to develop and they begin to burn out of control
  • A proactive solution, unlike traditional fire detectors, which simply sound an alarm
  • Always online 24/7
  • Easy to install and uses existing mains wiring
  • One unit can cover around 60 m
  • Low costs are quickly recouped through lower insurance costs
  • Can be used as a location’s only detection system, as it can detect any type of fire, not just electrical ones.
> Antti Kaarnamo
(Published in HighTech Finland 2009)