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Problems with VOCs?

The catalytic treatment solutions developed and supplied by Ehovoc help a wide variety of painting, printing, automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical, and chemical companies deal with their VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions very efficiently – both in terms of operational performance and costs.

Ehovoc’s technology offers customers a number of very clear benefits, ranging from a high conversion efficiency of at least 98%, extremely low operating costs, and longlife catalysts to fully automatic operation and compact size.

The heart of the Ehovoc advantage lies in the fact that its catalytic-based approach reduces the reaction temperature by around 500 °C compared to conventional thermal combustion, which requires an operating temperature in excess of 800 °C. In addition to savings in energy and other operating costs, this also means that the process does not generate by-products, such as NOx or carbon monoxide.

By switching from an existing thermal incinerator to an Ehovoc Little Giant capable of handling 8,000 m3/h, one customer recently was able to cut his operating costs by around two-thirds. A system can pay itself back in less than a year.

It may be small, but it packs a punch

Ehovoc’s Little Giant packs completely automatic operation and high conversion efficiency into the smallest regenerative unit on the market today.

One Little Giant, available in nine standard sizes, can handle anything from 500 to 18,000 m3/h, and can adjust itself automatically to varying flow rates and VOC concentrations. Low operating costs are matched by low maintenance costs, thanks to the long-life catalyst used, which is covered by a 10-year warranty.

This custom catalyst developed by Finnish catalyst expert, Ecocat, features a mixer-type metallic structure that enhances contact between the gas being treated and the catalyst. The precious metals used do not react easily with other materials, and high platinum and palladium loadings guarantee very good resistance to virtually all catalyst poisons.

The Little Giant also includes a new type of specially developed regenerative heat exchanger. Manufactured from coated steel strip, this ensures very effective heat transfer between the gas and the metallic surface and offers a good balance between heat transfer and pressure loss. Efficiency can be as high as 96%. Combined with the custom catalyst, this eliminates any need for additional energy input.

A PLC system enables an Ehovoc Little Giant to operate fully automatically. If required, a unit can be started up or controlled remotely via a PC or mobile phone, and all alarm and process data can be accessed in the same way.

Ehovoc supplies its Little Giant catalytic VOC incinerators in easy-to-install, 20-foot containers. In addition to being much smaller than conventional thermal incinerators, they offer better performance and dramatically lower operating costs. For larger needs than those handled by the standard range, customised designs can process up to 40,000 m3/h.

> Ville Silvonen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)