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A new generation of slow-speed shredding

Tana, a leading solid waste management specialist, has two main product lines: landfill compactors and waste shredders. The Gx series has made Tana one of the most prominent manufacturers of landfill compactors worldwide, while its shredder family includes the 220 and the 440, available in a number of versions. The cutting-edge Tana Pro Track remote control system is available for all Tana products.

The evolution of the TANA Shark range of mobile shredders has been rapid. The first prototype was launched at the end of 2005, and the current generation covers models and applications for most needs and materials capable of producing a wide range of endproduct sizes.

The TANA Shark is already renowned for its versatility, and the new control system and setup options included in the latest versions make it even more versatile and provide operators with an even better and more user-friendly man/machine interface.

Even greater future potential

The enhancements do not stop here either, as Tana now offers GPRS-based Tana Pro Track as an option for both TANA Shark shredders and TANA Gx landfill compactors.

Machines mounted with a transmitter can be connected to a vehicle control system via a CAN bus or other communications port and a GSM antenna. This enables a remote connection to be established with machines wherever Internet access is available, to provide a read-out of fault codes, machine usage history, and logged data. In the future, it will also be possible to use the system to change configuration parameters and download software updates.

Tana Pro Track will enable Tana to provide more accurate and up-to-date support to customers by saving time, simplifying trouble-shooting, and ensuring more machine uptime.

In addition to the tracked system seen here, the Shark 440 is also available in trailer and stationary versions, powered by diesel or electricity.

The TANA Shark – Shredding at its best

  • Can handle most recoverable, recyclable, and reusable materials 
  • Produces the most homogeneous particle size of any shredder currently available 
  • Combines the features of a pre-shredder and a secondary shredder at a competitive price 
  • Reversible counter tools, with a drop-in attachment mechanism 
  • Wide variety of plug-in rotor screens for efficient control of end-product particle size (50-500 mm) 
  • Able to produce small particle sizes in a single phase
  • Competitive capacity 
  • Patented rotor carrier assembly protects gearboxes against pending forces 
  • Comprehensive control system options, including ‘One Touch’ process programming and remote control, providing protection against overloading, overheating, and damage caused by non-crushable materials 
  • Designed to be simple and robust, with all critical areas easily accessible, for a long and reliable service life and easy servicing.
> Mirja Yli-Erkkilä
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)