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Turning environmental problems into opportunities

Environmental problems are often seen as both costly and difficult to solve, which often means that projects tend to be postponed until something simply has to be done. Doranova believes that its water treatment, soil remediation, gas purification, and bioenergy solutions show how innovation can eliminate problems quickly and turn them into successful business.

A good example of what Doranova means – and how its innovative, advanced technology can offer both solutions and sources of new income – is the DoranovaTreat landfill productivity system.  This combines technologies such as reverse osmosis, soil washing, and microturbine-based generation using biogas to turn the normal landfill equation on its head.

Problems with polluted runoff are eliminated, contaminated soil is transformed into material that can be sold on for productive use, and the methane that inevitably results from organic waste as it decomposes is put to use generating heat and power.

Doranova’s expertise in dealing with heavy metals, oil-based compounds, PAH compounds, impregnating substances, chlorinated solvents, and other chemicals also comes in useful when cleaning up industrial sites – whether they are still being used or need to be repurposed for other use, such as housing. For sites still in operation, Doranova can tailor remedial work to ensure that it does not interfere with ongoing activities.

Graph: By looking at the big picture in terms of overall planning and implementation, and using a mix of technologies, Doranova can supply highly customised, cost-efficient solutions.

Good for farms too

Farmers can also benefit from Doranova’s expertise, thanks to the company’s DoranovaFarm solution, designed to make light work of sludge problems. By separating dry matter, concentrated fluid, and pure water, sludge volumes can be reduced by as much as 70%. Dry matter can be used as a soil supplement or phosphate fertilizer, while the concentrated liquid represents a useful source of nutrient fertilizer and the water can be reused or released back into the environment.

Doranova’s reverse osmosis systems are ideal for purifying the often highly contaminated runoff water generated by landfills, eliminating the need to pipe it to a municipal treatment plant. The concentrated effluent can be recycled in-situ by using it as nutrient for the bacteria producing methane used in biogas production.

DoAct® for your filtering needs

Doranova’s DoAct® filters play an important part in guaranteeing the smooth running and cost efficiency of its solutions. Covering a range of needs – large and small, above ground and underground, gas or liquid – they offer long service intervals and easy replacement of filtration media. Thanks to the simplicity of their modular system, once the best configuration has been selected for a site Doranova can deliver a fully functioning filtering system in less than a day in a best-case scenario.

Turnkey packaging are available, in which Doranova handles everything, from delivery, installation, and start-up to maintenance and eventual shutdown, in the case of a remedial project.

> Pasi Mäkelä
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)