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Putting nature’s own mechanisms to work

Preseco’s approach is based on integrated solutions and innovative state-of-the-art technology designed to generate added value from waste streams and enhance customers’ competitive advantage.

Waste, water, and energy have been seen traditionally as separate sectors, both from a business and a technological standpoint. Preseco sees this as a wasted opportunity and believes that it can generate significant economic and environmental added value for customers by integrating waste, water, and energy technologies under one roof.

A new-generation solution developed for slaughterhouses highlights what this approach has to offer. By combining biogas, composting, and wastewater treatment units, all the waste and wastewater from a slaughterhouse can be treated on-site in one integrated plant. The solution is compact and generates energy for the slaughterhouse and any residential areas nearby, while reducing the costs normally associated with waste transportation and outsourced services.

Preseco very much believes in the value of integrated systems.

A range of technologies

Biowaste from households and kitchens, food processing residues, slaughterhouse waste, byproducts from fruit and grain processing and distilleries, liquid and solid manure, and wastewater treatment sludge can all be handled by Preseco’s processes, which convert them into energy, compost soil, and/or clean water. Municipal solid waste (MSW) can be separated into energy and other fractions.

The company’s industrial biogas plants are based on its patented Anaerobic Digestion Accelerator (ADA) technology, and perform particularly well with energy-rich biowaste, such as fats and animal proteins. A customised version can produce biogas for heating or generating electricity, or refining into motor fuel.

For composting purposes, Preseco offers its patented Accelerated Composting Unit (ACU) technology. This continuous drum composting process requires no chemicals, additives, or additional energy input, and generates zero runoff and emissions. The ACU process can be combined with other Preseco technologies, such as biogas, water treatment, and biodiesel plants, to create integrated solutions.

Preseco also acts as a process integrator, handling the customised planning and design, construction, and operation of completed plants for customers.

Introducing Biocarbon™

Preseco’s latest solution is a carboniser producing high-quality Biocarbon™ for energy use or carbon capture purposes. Biocarbon™ can be produced from any organic material containing carbon – such as twigs, wood, and rice straw – and is an emissions-neutral biofuel with an energy value equal to that of high-quality fossil coal and very low emissions. As it is impervious to water, it can be stored outside safely and is fully compatible with existing conventional coal-fired power plants.

The first plant producing Biocarbon™ has already been opened in Finland and a memorandum of understanding has been signed with Anneng Thermal Power to build a demonstration plant in China.

> Mikko Kantero
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)