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Cleaner and more secure

Puzair’s central vacuum cleaners, information security systems, and tailor-made solutions for industry help make people’s working and living environments healthier and safer. The success of Puzair Pro central vacuum cleaner technology has made the company the market leader in professional and apartment-based applications worldwide.

Modern construction techniques have resulted in buildings that ‘breathe’ very little compared to older structures and depend on ventilation and air-conditioning systems. If these systems are not maintained and cleaned sufficiently, however, dust levels can easily build up, providing a home for bacteria and mould that can cause allergies or more serious health hazards.

Puzair Pro central vacuum cleaners are a very efficient way of removing microscopic dust particles from the air inside buildings, and doing so much more effectively than conventional alternatives. Vacuuming is also less noisy, because the machinery in a Puzair system is located away from where people live or work. The workload for cleaners is lighter too, as they only need to hook up a hose to the nearest outlet rather than push around a heavy unit, and cleaning can be carried out faster, with vacuuming possible simultaneously at multiple locations.

Overall operating costs are lower, as the maintenance and regular filter replacement needed for conventional ventilation systems is eliminated, which is particularly beneficial in low-energy buildings.


Puzair Pro systems are suitable for both new and existing buildings, and are always tailored to the needs of specific locations in terms of things such as the number of simultaneous users required per central unit. Ships and trains can also be fitted with a system.

A central unit located in a basement, attic, or utility space is linked by trunk, branch, and exhaust pipes to wall valves, to which users connect 8-12-metre hoses. Pipe flushing takes place automatically when all users are ‘offline’ by opening each trunk pipe’s valves sequentially. Double filtration is employed, using a cyclone filter to remove coarse material and a cartridge filter to remove fine dust.


Puzair has applied the same negative pressure technology to provide secure and safe document disposal in the shape of its Puzair Protect vacuum shredders. Rather than bags, these discharge into hoppers linked by pipes to a central container. When a shredder is activated, the vacuum system starts up immediately, carrying dust away along with the waste. To provide maximum efficiency, a Puzair Protect system can be integrated with a Puzair Pro one.

With no bags of shredded material to empty, not only will offices and other spaces be cleaner, but users can also be 100% certain that no one will ever be able to read the documents, transparencies, discs, or cassettes they dispose of.

Puzair Protect vacuum shredders offer excellent security and keep spaces cleaner than conventional units. They use the same basic technology as Puzair Pro central vacuum systems, which have been installed in theatres, hotels, churches, apartment buildings, offices, and even ships. Over 2,000 Puzair systems have been delivered to 23 countries to date.
> Anna Värtö
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)