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Cleaning and cooling water using less energy

Advanced, environmentally friendly water treatment systems, based around Waterix’ AIRIT® aerators, MIXIT® mixers, and COOLIT® coolers – and the more than 30 patents behind them – offer significant energy savings compared to traditional designs.

In addition to offering lower energy consumption than competing technologies, Waterix’ emphasis on overall lifecycle costs and eco-efficiency means that its systems are easy to install and service and can be controlled very accurately as well. This has made them popular in both industrial and municipal treatment plants, while smaller models are ideal for oxygenating lakes, ponds, fish and crab basins, and even golf course ponds.

Close cooperation with project contractors and engineering consultants enables Waterix to supply complete wastewater treatment plants as turnkey deliveries for customers who prefer this approach.

Unique aerator design

The secret behind AIRIT® aerators lies in the way they combine the high operating efficiency and controllability typical of bottom aerators with the reliability and low capital cost of surface aerators.

Large intake pipes, which can be up to six meters deep, ensure that water can circulate easily. Once on the surface, it is thrown out horizontally in carefully controlled droplets and spray patterns, and is aerated as it travels through the air before hitting the surface and re-entering the water. Getting the drop size just right is very important when designing aerators, which require completely different drop size and spray patterns from those needed with coolers.

A programmable AC drive is used to control rotational speed to ensure optimum energy usage and avoid running units at higher capacity than needed. Oxygen sensors measure the oxygen level in the water and pass this data on to the drive, which regulates aerating capacity automatically. Thanks to the system’s in-built programmability, customers can also set up things such as automatic propeller cleaning and custom aerating/mixing sequences.

The light weight of Waterix aerators means that only small cranes are needed to install units at wastewater treatment plants, while those designed for natural water areas can be installed and moved manually.

Easily adjusted cooling power

By modifying droplet size and using larger, higher spray patterns, an aerator can make a highly efficient and cost-effective cooler. Waterix COOLIT® coolers are ideal for cooling hot process water and acting as condensers for cooling basin water.

These AIRIT® 350s are used at a municipal wastewater treatment plant in Britain to produce oxygen for the system’s bacteria.

One COOLIT® 16000 unit weighing around 60 kilos, for example, can do the work of an entire cooling tower of the type widely used in the pulp and paper industry weighing almost a tonne. Waterix has supplied these units to a number of customers in the industry for cooling hot effluent before it is biologically treated.

Thanks to their large intake pipes, Waterix coolers are virtually always blockage-free, and have minimal maintenance costs as a result.

> Heikki Tallgren
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)