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Better gas turbine performance

With its new Magnum HEPA-class filtration solution, Eagle Filters makes it easy and cost-effective to upgrade gas turbine air intake systems, avoid compressor fouling, and achieve high levels of operational efficiency.

A comprehensive R&D programme, together with close cooperation with materials suppliers and research organisations, have enabled Eagle Filters to develop filters for industrial and general ventilation applications that combine excellent filtering efficiency, good mechanical durability, and class-leading aerodynamic properties very cost-effectively.

This is particularly true in the case of air inlet filters for gas turbines. Selecting the best filter is one of the most crucial factors affecting the operation and efficiency of a gas turbine; operators can lose hundreds of thousands of euros every year per unit if they select a poorly designed or under-performing filter.

Eagle Filters also never supplies a bulk filter where a customised solution is called for. The better filtering efficiency and smaller pressure loss this provides will always be a much more economical option than a mass-produced filter.

This is also true of conventional self-cleaning filters, which Eagle can re-engineer to better suit local conditions. Eagle-supplied solutions also mean that operators can forget about troublesome prefilter pads in static filter houses.

A heavyweight that’s light on the pocket

One of Eagle Filters’ latest innovations is the Magnum, which has been designed to tame the excessively high volumes of air flow that are often a fact of life for many modern filter houses and which reduce filter service life and drive up costs.

Featuring an all-new, patent-pending aerodynamic design, the Magnum delivers increased filter reliability whatever the weather, and enables users to introduce a new generation of filtration without the need to retrofit or modify their filter houses as is normally the case when they want to add additional filtering capacity.

A Magnum unit can extend the service life of final-stage filters by as much as 50%, and its increased capacity helps ensure more reliable operations.

Compared to standard static F8-class filters or pulse filters, a Magnum will reduce compressor fouling and may even eliminate the need for off-line washing altogether. This is a valuable advantage, as fouling translates into lost output and revenue, higher CO2 emissions, and more maintenance.

Part of the secret behind the benefits offered by Magnum technology is that these new filters utilise CombiTex filter material, which lets users take advantage of the benefits of HEPA-class filtration without any of the disadvantages, such as performance issues when there is moisture in the air. Thanks to CombiTex’ F-class fine filter layer and the advanced aerodynamic design of the Magnum, no changes are required in maintenance and outage intervals – and a unit will typically pay for itself in less than a month.

High-quality filtration, such as that provided by the new Magnum, is the best way to protect gas turbine compressors from fouling and maintain high power output and efficiency.
> Juha Kariluoto
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)