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Helping accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future

Climate Wedge Ltd. Oy
Climate Wedge empowers low-carbon technology providers and cleantech asset owners to harness the potential of today’s carbon and environmental markets through carbon finance and emissions trading – helping them convert environmental benefits into financial assets.

Climate Wedge is an independent carbon management and investment advisory company pursuing principal investments and project development in the world’s carbon markets and providing carbon finance- and emissions trading-related advice to technology companies, renewable energy project developers, financial institutions, and technology and institutional investors.

Climate Wedge’s approach is based on establishing a long-term local presence through partnerships with local technology companies, resource owners, and financiers to develop renewable energy, biomass, methane, and energy efficiency projects under existing and emerging greenhouse gas (GHG) trading protocols.

The aim is to diversify revenue streams by combining carbon project development with advanced clean technology solutions to maximise the revenue potential of these projects.

Promoting low-carbon investments

Market-based mechanisms are becoming increasingly important worldwide as a tool for helping reduce GHG emissions, promote renewable energy, and increase energy efficiency. Climate Wedge creates, finances, and brings to market new emissions reduction technologies and project development ventures by helping both start-ups and established companies in the low-carbon technology field to capitalise on the carbon financing opportunities opened up by these mechanisms.

Climate Wedge’s expertise is being put to work in numerous projects, including a series of waste-to-energy initiatives in Latin America.

One example of a company that Climate Wedge has helped get off the ground is EOS Climate – a San Francisco-based start-up producing high-quality carbon offsets through the destruction of ozone depleting substances (ODSs). Climate Wedge co-founded EOS Climate in 2008 together with its management team and has backed the company by providing market channels for its carbon and advice on carbon finance, asset monetisation, and climate policy.

EOS has developed a comprehensive platform for the recovery and verifiable destruction of ODS gases through financing from the carbon market. This platform offers a robust solution to the massive greenhouse gas emissions released from existing stockpiles of ODS gases, and provides compliance buyers with a high-quality stream of carbon credits.

Waste-to-energy in Central America

Working with a local technical partner, Climate Wedge is co-developing a number of waste-to-energy projects in Mexico and Latin America, aimed at rehabilitating municipal landfills, collecting hazardous landfill gas, and using this biogas to generate electricity for local municipalities. The focus is on build-own-operate projects. These incoporate financing, technology, and operations into a single package, with Climate Wedge providing assistance on financial structuring and trading emission reduction credits.

> Kristian BrĂ¼ning
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)