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Better-quality power for better business

An uninterrupted power supply is vital for many modern businesses, particularly in critical areas in the ICT, health care, telecom services, and transportation sectors. With more than 30 years of experience, Efore delivers proven, reliable customised power supplies and DC power systems to ensure that these operations get just that.

ICT accounts for an increasing proportion of electricity usage today, 7% in Finland for example, and this is expected to rise steadily due to expanding Internet and broadband usage. As a result, the need for intelligent power supply systems capable of boosting the energy efficiency of communications networks and data server centres is also likely to rise significantly.

Efore’s new family of smart power supply systems is the first to be launched that can increase the efficiency of this type of power supply to 95% and beyond. Based on advanced new technology, Efore’s products can significantly reduce the large amounts of heat wasted in data server centres when converting AC to DC.

Its intelligent power supply solutions can also optimise the power consumption of data networks and base stations based on actual traffic volumes, unlike conventional technology, which normally sets power levels at those required to meet traffic peaks.

Efore supplies dedicated solutions for a wide variety of applications in areas such as ICT, telecoms, manufacturing, and health care.

Encoraged by this success, Efore has now set its sights on developing systems for making more of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and water power. By cutting back the power consumption of telecom base stations, for example, they could be run entirely on power from wind turbines and/or solar panels without the need for a grid connection.

Efore is very upbeat about the size of the market potential for intelligent power electronics like this, and expects its smart systems to become a new cornerstone of its business alongside traditional industrial power supply systems.

A broad offering

Custom power supplies

  • Specified and delivered to customer specifications. Efore works in close cooperation with customers from design through production to end-of-life management to help them achieve optimal system efficiency and overall costs
  • Distributed power architecture solutions for telecom, industrial, and advanced medical systems, typically configured with front-end power supplies, AC and DC power distribution units, and power supply modules
  • New technologies are being developed to provide safe and secure charging electronics for electric and hybrid vehicles.

DC power systems

  • DC power systems for telecom networks, data centres, and industrial applications. Efore has over 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and marketing power supply systems for DC applications
  • The OPUS family of products are supplied as complete packages, including enclosures, rectifiers, control units, and back-up power solutions
  • Systems can also be equipped with DC/DC converters and inverters for application electronics.

Service and maintenance

  • Repair services cover all Efore products, with service centres in Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region to ensure low overall costs and a high-speed response.
> Reijo Mäihäniemi
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)