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When it’s wrapped, it’s protected

Corrosion Control International Oy
Corrosion Control International has become an international leader in the design, production, and installation of wrap-based protection for inshore and offshore installations against subsea and splash zone corrosion. Its patented Retrowrap® technology can be used to provide retrofit protection and as an alternative to factory coatings in remote areas.

With its unique, triple-layer structure – consisting of an outer urethane coating, polyamide reinforcing scrim, and a polyester felt inner layer bonded together to form a monocoque fabric – Retrowrap® has been designed to provide years of worry-free protection. The in-built flexibility of its structure makes it easy to vary coating thickness or fabric to provide additional impact and abrasion resistance and puncture strength. As a result, different solutions can be supplied for a very wide range of applications, ranging from inshore piles and wooden pilings to heavy-duty offshore risers.

A significant advantage of Retrowrap’s multi-layer construction is its ability to provide active corrosion protection throughout its design life – thanks to a water-repellent thixotropic gel, containing corrosion inhibitors or biocides, impregnated into the absorbent layers of the wrap. This neutralises surface contaminants on the inside and keeps them inert, while controlling marine growth on the outside.

The convenient one-piece design and flange closing system makes it very easy and fast to install Retrowrap®, and also enables it to be removed for substrate inspection and refitted easily.

A high level of protection

Retrowrap® Standard has been designed for use in the inshore splash zone to protect piles, pipelines, and risers, and will fit any diameter of material from 50 mm to 3 metres and any length. The integral closure flanges in its self-threading fasteners lock Retrowrap® in position and create induced hoop tension within the wrap during installation, causing the corrosion-inhibiting gel to flow and encapsulate and protect the substrate.

Where greater abrasion and impact resistance is required, Retrowrap® HD is available, while Retrowrap® SL features a unique mortise and tenon closure for superior performance and fast and simple installation in particularly severe environments, such as those encountered in Canada’s Hibernia offshore field. Retrowrap® SL has been used in all phases of the latter project.

For timber structures, CCI offers Timberwrap. Stretched around piles and secured using full-length closure flanges, Timberwrap moulds itself to the irregular contours typical of this type of pile, virtually eliminating entrapped water and preventing ‘water-pumping action’ under the wrap.

Time-release additives inside the jacket eliminate borer activity, while remaining environmentally friendly to both installation teams and marine life.

CCI’s Retrowrap® technology has been engineered to provide environmentally safe, long-term protection against corrosion that is easy to install and makes inspection routines straightforward as well.
> Jochum von Schoultz
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)