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Things run smoother when everything’s lubricated

FluidHouse has more than 30 years of experience in hydraulic and oil lubrication systems and is one of the most important manufacturers of paper machine hydraulic systems worldwide. Its advanced, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly fluid automation and control solutions lead the field in many areas.

FluidHouse’s customers cover a wide range of industries, including the paper, wood processing, metal, energy, marine, and offshore sectors, as well as machine and equipment manufacturers – and have been supplied with thousands of individual fluid power units and complete fluid automation systems over the years.

As well as advanced individual solutions, FluidHouse is also capable of handling challenging turnkey deliveries, even in areas where the company has not been directly involved before. A good example of this is the Vuosaari harbour project in Helsinki, for which FluidHouse designed, manufactured, and commissioned a comprehensive package of fluid automation systems, including hydraulics and control systems for the new port’s ro-ro ramps.

The new FluidCirc product family marks a clear step up in terms of its ability to lubricate and cool production machinery more efficiently.

Compact and silent

Typical of how FluidHouse has put its experience to work in innovating new product concepts is its Silent Power unit, which employs patented technology utilising the latest flow technology know-how. The compact, fully enclosed design of the units saves space and ensures that they are very quiet-running and can be placed close to actuators, eliminating the need for separate hydraulic rooms and lengthy piping. With added insulation, they can also be installed outside. Optimised reservoir design results in a significantly smaller oil tank and more efficient air and water separation. A sophisticated control system keeps tabs on how a unit is operating and makes it easy to identify maintenance needs in good time.

FluidCirc and FluidEP Monitor

A similarly approach underlies FluidHouse’s new FluidCirc product family, which marks a clear step up in terms of its ability to lubricate and cool production machinery more efficiently. Here too, a major reduction in the size of the oil reservoir used translates into lower operating costs and a smaller physical and environmental footprint.

In fact, the oil reservoir in a FluidCirc lubrication unit can be as much as 70% smaller than that of a conventional design. The more efficient performance offered in terms of eliminating air, water, and impurities helps extend the service life of bearings and enhance their reliability; while the modular nature of the FluidCirc concept makes units easier to maintain and more flexible, reliable, and cost-efficient.

The FluidEP Monitor system links everything together to allow users to monitor measurement values related to the operation of their fluid systems in real time and locate possible issues very quickly.

By initiating maintenance and repair work before a system goes down, users can avoid production outages or reduced output and save on maintenance costs as well.

> Juha Keto-Tokoi
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)