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More sustainable heating solutions

Oilon International Oy
Oilon is northern Europe’s leading manufacturer of oil, gas, and multifuel burners for a wide variety of applications, large and small – and a major advocate of technology that can lower our overall environmental footprint when it comes to heating.

The Oilon Group has achieved a significant position on the global market for environmental and energy technology, and can call on almost 50 years of experience in the field – when supplying burners for district heating plants, ships, power plants, hazardous waste incineration plants, and industrial processes, as well as heat pumps, burners, and solar heat collectors for buildings.

Growing concerns about the environment have seen the energy industry focus a growing proportion of its efforts on developing and introducing new technology, and Oilon is no exception, investing more than 5% of its annual turnover in product development. Thanks to this work, the company can offer its customers a steadily growing range of eco-friendly solutions, including heat pumps for large buildings and pyrolysis oil burners for CO2-free energy generation.

Making the most of geothermal

Oilon recently launched its Geopro RE range of geothermal heat pumps, designed for use in buildings such as offices, apartments, and low-density housing. Geopro RE heat pumps are reliable, easy-maintenance, high COP-value units, and feature many components used in Oilon’s other proven Geopro designs.

Heating output varies from 35 to 85 kW depending on model, and up to 16 Geopro RE units can be run in parallel, giving in excess of 1.3 MW of total output. A comprehensive automation package also makes it possible to combine units with several other energy sources, such as solar collectors and oil/bio-oil units, into a hybrid heating system.

Pyrolysis is good too

Oilon’s range of XH burners highlights the company’s expertise with a wide variety of fuels.

During its work on the combustion of different types of biogases and bio-oils, Oilon has found that pyrolysis oil – produced from solid biomass such as corn, straw, rice husk, or forest residue, for example – can be a useful fuel for replacing fossil oil and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Pyrolysis oil is produced by heating biomass rapidly to an elevated temperature in an oxygenfree environment and cooling the gases that form into a liquid. The resulting fuel is corrosive, however, and Oilon has put a lot of effort into designing special burners that overcome this problem and enable the oil to be fired reliably and with low emissions. The Oilon XH burner range, for example, is designed for boilers rated above 1 MW and can handle many other difficult-to-burn oils, as well as pyrolysis oil.

Oilon GeoPro RE heat pumps are high-output units and very reliable and easy to maintain, and can be easily integrated into hybrid heating systems.

Reducing emissions and incorporating higher levels of intelligent automation have been important priorities for Oilon for many years. The company’s combustion research covers a range of emission control issues and has resulted in an extensive range of eco-friendly products.

> Ari Saario
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)