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Multifunction protection

The Vamp 50 series of protection relays covers basic needs in OEM, utility, and industrial applications. The two first products in the range – the Vamp 50 and the Vamp 51 over-current and earth fault protection relays – were launched in early 2009, and have now been joined by two multifunction relays: the Vamp 52 and the Vamp 55.

Vamp 50 series protection relays are primarily aimed at low-end applications and offer a number of cost-efficient and user-friendly features, such as an easy-read display and LEDs for key information, two userdefined function buttons, and a USB port for local configuration purposes.

Other features include flexible and selfadaptive I/O options, with additional DI/DO channels, mA output, and arc flash protection functionality. The Vamp 50 family is also the first low-end protection relay range to incorporate the IEC 61850 communication standard as native.

New capabilities

A Unicode display, together with userconfigurable legend texts for LEDs and function buttons, make it easy to configure Vamp’s 50 series units for multiple markets.

The Vamp 52 brings multifunctionality to feeder protection for medium-voltage networks with grounded, low-resistance grounded, isolated, or compensated neutral points, and for asynchronous induction-type motors.

The Vamp 52 incorporates two protection modes: feeder mode and motor mode, both of which are fully configured. It can also be employed as a backup relay for a transformer differential relay or for residual voltage protection. The Vamp 52 provides circuit-breaker control and has programmable logic functionality that enables users to define functions such as interlocking for switchgear or load shedding.

The second new multifunction relay, the Vamp 55, is designed to provide voltage and frequency protection for utility and industrial applications and synchrochecking. Equipped with four voltage inputs, it can be configured with any of the available predefined voltage mode setups.

The Vamp 55 offers a very comprehensive range of protection functions: over- and undervoltage protection, residual voltage protection, over- and under-frequency protection, and rate of change of frequency. Its synchrocheck function enables two voltages to be compared, while its programmable stages can be assigned to any analogue measurement or calculated quantities – for maximum flexibility.

Advanced arc protection

The 50 series further extends Vamp’s offering in the area of protection relays, arc flash protection systems, and measuring and monitoring units for power systems. Vamp’s medium-voltage and sub-transmission protection relays are used in a number of applications, ranging from overhead line feeders and substations to power plants and industrial power systems. Their unique integrated arc fault protection functionality enhances the safety of both people and property, and has made Vamp a leading player in the arc protection field worldwide. All Vamp products meet the latest international standards and regulations, and are very flexible and easy to customise.

> Pekka Hämäläinen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)