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Anticipating the unexpected

Moventas has built up a solid reputation as a leading supplier of power transmission solutions for the wind power industry, and its gear units are used worldwide. As wind turbine gears are often exposed to extreme conditions, monitoring their real-time performance is very important, and Moventas’ CMaS solution offers a very advanced way of doing just that.

Moventas is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wind turbine gears, as well as a supplier of mechanical power transmission solutions for use in industry and a provider of overhaul and maintenance services.

Gear units are one of the key components of wind turbines, as they transmit the power and rotational energy of the rotor blades to the generator. Uncompromising reliability is crucial, and Moventas’ wind gears, available in ratings up to in excess of 3 MW, offer class-leading low noise and vibration levels, high power-to-weight ratios, and trouble-free operations. Thanks to their compact design, its gear units also give manufacturers valuable space savings and flexible layout options.

Moventas minimises the noise of its gears through careful tooth and housing design, high-tech materials and stateof- the-art machining techniques, and FE analysis and on-site testing. The innovative use of special materials and structures results in very high power-to-weight ratios. Castings are of a very high quality in Moventas units and shaped to produce thin, yet very rigid structures with excellent thermal capacity.

Peace of mind

Part of Moventas’ commitment to proactive lifecycle drive services, CMaS can be supplied with new gears or retrofitted to existing ones. The system is currently in use with over 300 wind turbines and this number is expected to grow rapidly.
Recognising the central importance of reliability throughout the value chain for its customers, Moventas has focused extensive efforts on developing the right expertise and responsiveness to ensure that they can always rely on the company’s solutions.

A proactive approach is very much part of this, covering areas such as condition measurement analysis, follow-up, and monitoring. One of the latest tools Moventas is using here is its Condition Management System (CMaS), a remote monitoring concept designed to recognise possible problems with gears and other mechanical components before they impact operations.

Going beyond simply monitoring vibration, the sensors in a CMaS package address a variety of parameters, including RPM, torque, temperature, and the physical and chemical qualities of lubricant oil. Measuring lubricant properties is particularly useful, as changes here can provide excellent advance indication of possible malfunctions.

Accessible through a Web browser or even a mobile phone, Moventas CMaS gives users a simple interface to their data. Thanks to the flexible access, custom configuration, and built-in scalability it offers, the system is suitable for a wide range of installations.

By analysing and responding where appropriate to the information provided by a CMaS package, customers can avoid serious damage further down the road and the need to replace major components, as well as the loss of revenue this inevitably entails.

> Jyrki Virtanen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)