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Technology for a cleaner environment

Metso Corporation
By offering a broad range of environmentally efficient technologies and services, Metso is strongly committed to promoting sustainability. The proven capabilities of the company’s offering have benefited industry and society around the world.

Using the best available technology is a very effective way of meeting growing energy needs while reducing environmental loadings. In terms of energy efficiency and new, cleaner forms of power generation, the best technology is essential for helping the world combat climate change.

As a global supplier of sustainable technology and services for the mining, construction, energy, recycling, and pulp and paper industries, Metso plays an important role here. Its innovative process solutions and process automation help improve performance, boost energy and materials efficiency, reduce emissions and water consumption, and enhance recycling levels.

Sustainable solutions

The investments that process industries make in energy efficiency have a direct impact on operating costs and reducing energy costs and emissions of CO2 and other pollutants. Metso’s in-depth expertise in developing and supplying bio-energy solutions offers industries like these the solutions they need to achieve this type of progress.

Many of the world’s largest bio-energy power plants rely on Metso technology, and the company has supplied a total of over 13 gigawatts of renewables-based power boiler capacity since 2000. By firing renewables rather than coal, this capacity has made it possible to reduce CO2 emissions by a figure equivalent to the carbon dioxide released by over 24 million cars.

Innovative crushing technology is another of Metso’s strengths and enhances the efficiency of aggregates production in quarrying, while reducing exhaust emissions. Thanks to the use of mobile conveying systems, far fewer trucks are needed to transport crushed rock from the quarry face for onward processing.

Alholmens Kraft, the world’s largest biomassfired power plant, relies on Metso technology. The high-capacity Metso multifuel boiler and process automation system enables the plant to use up to 100% biomass fuel, which has helped reduce emissions significantly.

Track-mounted crushing plants from Metso are also able to process rock-based demolition debris for further reuse. On-site recycling eliminates the need for transporting material elsewhere for processing, and the recycled material produced can be used in applications such as road construction.

Metal recycling technology from Metso also makes a big contribution to a better environment. It takes around 70% less energy to produce steel from scrap than from iron ore and generates over 80% less emissions as well. Recycling metal improves materials efficiency and reduces waste production.

Metso technology has similarly helped the pulp and paper industry make major strides in improving its environmental efficiency, enabling water usage per tonne of paper to be cut from 100-150 m3 to less than 10 m3 today. Metso systems have also enabled water consumption in pulp production to be reduced to 20-50 m3 per tonne of output, a fraction of what it used to be.

Advanced automation plays a significant role in achieving ambitious targets in these and many other industries, and here too Metso offers solutions that enable customers to run more efficient processes and minimise their use of raw materials and energy.

Through its Valmet Automotive subsidiary, Metso is involved in reducing traffic emissions, developing and manufacturing the Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid vehicle, the all-electric THINK City car, and the Garia golf car in partnership with the owners of these brands.

Shared goals

Given the scope of Metso’s offering, customers across a very wide range of industries can benefit from the added value provided by its solutions during all phases of the production process life cycle, and improve their competitiveness and environmental performance.

Metso prioritises the importance of building a cleaner environment in its own operations and facilities as well, by promoting good environmental stewardship, continuously improving energy and materials efficiency, and reducing its use of hazardous materials.

Metso is a major bio-energy solutions provider worldwide and a leader in developing environmental technology. Promoting sustainability forms an integral part of the company’s business strategy, and is reflected in Metso’s emphasis on enhancing equipment performance and energy efficiency and optimising the use of raw materials.

Setting a new benchmark

The pulping line under construction at the APRIL/SSYMB Rizhao mill in Shandong province, China is significantly larger than any other line delivered anywhere else so far, and marks the beginning of a new era in mill design for the best possible economies of scale. Metso’s scope of supply includes all the main processes for pulp production and chemical recovery. The raw materials will be acacia and eucalyptus. Start-up is scheduled for the latter part of 2010.

The mill is designed for very low consumption of energy, water, and chemicals. When compared to any other pulp mill built in recent times, it will have the lowest impact on the environment. The target is to eliminate solid waste from the mill.

(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)