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The key to security

iLoq’s electronically programmable iLOQ S10 locking system for master-key locking and access control took first place in the ‘Physical Security Product of the Year’ category at the IFSEC2008 Security Industry Award, and was named ‘Access Control Product’ at the 9th Detektor International Award in 2008.

The heart of the iLOQ S10 locking system lies in the unique selfpowered iLOQ cylinder, which uses the electricity generated when a key is inserted. This makes it easy to replace existing mechanical cylinders, as no electric cabling or batteries are needed for the multiple benefits the iLOQ system offers. It also means that security and access control can be maintained even when a building suffers a power outage – unlike conventional electromechanical locking systems, which need a backup power supply.

Programming iLOQ cylinders and their keys, as well managing entire locking systems, is controlled by iLOQ S10 management software. This is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS) application via the Internet and incorporates high-level security algorithms, and is capable of managing multiple locations on a centralised basis if needed.

All iLOQ keys and locks are mechanically identical, enabling them to be mass-produced for flexible delivery and installation logistics. Lost keys can be easily blacklisted, returned keys erased and reused, and access rights data always stays up-to-date.

Thanks to these advantages, the iLOQ S10 system avoids the keying restrictions of mechanical locking systems, and keying capacity is almost infinite. iLOQ cylinders record each and every authorised access, helping keep track of lock openings if required.

A comprehensive range

The benefits offered by the iLOQ S10 system in areas such as keying, lifetime security, delivery, and maintenance logistics are likely to be most useful where the limitations of mechanical locking solutions compromise security and full access control systems can be too expensive.
The iLOQ locking system includes cam locks, padlocks, and key tube locks in addition to doormounted cylinders, all with a complete range of key identification options. iLOQ padlocks, for example, can bring new standards of security to remote locations, while the iLOQ cam lock has been developed to control and monitor access to items such as medicine cabinets, lockers, and safes.

A special key reader module enables the system to be integrated into applications such as lifts, barriers, and alarm systems, while the iLOQ network module makes it possible to program locks and key programming over an Ethernet network for managing main entrance doors or other hotspots online.

The iLOQ S10 system has already proved its worth in improving security and adding greater lock management convenience to commercial premises, office buildings, apartment houses, banks, hospitals, schools, universities, and rented property, and public transport in Finland and Scandinavia – and the company is now looking to bring its benefits to a broader international user base. To help drive this, iLOQ is working on new product solutions for residential use and new cylinder designs.

> Michael Szücs
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)