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Advanced cell culture technology

The efficiency of BioSilta’s unique EnBase® cell cultivation kits, achieved by carefully controlling the release of nutrients to growing organisms, offers valuable time and cost savings to researchers and eliminates some of the key problems typical of conventional techniques.

BioSilta develops advanced tools for microbial cell cultivation, protein production, and enzyme screening – supplied in ready-to-use kits that can be delivered very rapidly.

Based in Oulu in northern Finland, the company is a spin-off from the Laboratory of Bioprocess Engineering at the University of Oulu, and has worked closely with TU Berlin through its founder, Professor Peter Neubauer, who now acts as the company’s scientific adviser.

Impressive benefits

EnBase® preparations – set for Escherichia coli as standard but available for other microorganisms – take only minutes to set up before shake cultivation can begin.
BioSilta has dedicated the last two years to developing its unique, patented EnBase® product, which it believes will bring a radical improvement to researchers’ timetables and budgets because of the impressive speed and cost advantages that it offers.

The technology is based on providing an enzymatic-controlled glucose supply in a fed-batch mode, which allows extended growth and higher final cell density without oxygen limitation.

Optimisation of the technology has so far centred around the use of E. coli, but initial work with B. subtilis has shown equally positive results.

BioSilta’s patented EnBase® products are ideal for use by pharmaceutical and biotech companies and academic research groups. The combination of microbial cell culture media with controlled substrate release is particularly suitable for groups engaged in recombinant protein production and optimisation, bioprocess scale-up, and high-throughput methods used in combination with automated screening of mutant libraries for drug development or crystallisation. EnBase® can even enhance the detection of spoilage bacteria in beer.

Getting results faster

Biosilta’s advanced EnBase® microbial cultivation technology can produce up to 10 times more bacteria and recombinant proteins per volume of culture and significantly more soluble active product than traditional shaken batch cultivation. Its benefits include:

  • Sterile, ready-to-use kits available in any format, from 96 MTP Plate through shake flasks to single-use bioreactors
  • Eliminates the problem of overfed bacteria and oxygen depletion, which often leads to poor quality and low numbers
  • A liquid medium containing a biocatalyst, which decomposes the polymer substrate and releases a controlled stream of ‘bite-size’ glucose for the bacteria
  • No harmful metabolites are created
  • Ideal for optimising recombinant protein production and preparing samples for high-throughout sequencing, as it is fully scalable.
> Russell Golson
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)