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Give free reign to your interior design imagination

Imagine seamless tops, bold curves, and easy-clean surfaces in the kitchen, the bathroom, or in a hotel or a bar – and you could well be thinking of Durat®, because that’s what they could all be made of.

Durat was founded nearly 20 years to develop a new sustainable material combining the best in recycling and design, and has since become an established European solid surface material manufacturer. The company’s material – known aptly as Durat® – is a unique product made from recycled post-industrial plastics and is itself 100% recyclable.

Its easy-care, hard-wearing surfaces make it ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens, reception areas, and other public areas, and it offers designers virtually unlimited opportunities to create different types and designs of seamless surfaces tens of metres long if needed.

The Durat Design Collection offers a selection of exclusive minimalist designs all produced from Durat®, including bath tubs, wash basins, shower trays, and tables and benches – designed by wellknown names such as Ulla Koskinen and Arup Product Design.

Durat® is perfect for creating custom surfaces in a wide range of applications using flat or curved forms. Custom colours can be supplied to order if none of the more than 70 standard colours are suitable.

A sustainable, easy-care material

In addition to seamless surfaces and durability, colour is one of the most attractive features of Durat®.
Durat® makes an excellent choice not only in the home, but also in restaurants, cafés, shops, hospitals, laboratories, boats, and ships. A polyester- based material, it features approximately 30% recycled content, which is granulated into small speckles, giving Durat® its distinctive look. This post-industrial plastic waste is collected from various sites in Sweden and Finland, which would often otherwise send it to a landfill. Any waste Durat® generated during production is simply re-used.

Cast into sheets and moulded to create products such as wash basins and bath tubs, Durat® is extremely durable and can even be ‘smartened up’ after very hard wear or years of use simply by lightly sanding the surface. In addition to tough use, it can also handle humid conditions and is impervious to numerous chemicals.

Any superficial surface changes that might occur can be easily removed by using fine-grit wet sandpaper and finished off with furniture polish or a polishing compound. Mild soap-based solutions and universal detergents, together with liquid abrasive creams to remove ingrained dirt and small scratches, are all that are needed for day-to-day cleaning

Standard woodworking tools and normal cutting, gluing, and sanding techniques can be used when fabricating a Durat®-based design. Standard Durat® sheets are 12 mm thick and require a 12-18 mm plywood or MDF base when used as tops, and seams are virtually unnoticeable.

Durat® is a highly versatile material for a very wide range of uses and enables designers to create unique basins, bath tubs, table and bar tops, counters, and benches.

> Kari Karppinen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)