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Keeping things clean where it matters

An ongoing commitment to innovation and product development has seen Extor become a leading producer of filtration systems for thousands of customers in Europe and Asia.

Extor’s story began over 30 years ago – in 1976 – when the company started producing highpressure exhausters, mainly for customers in the Finnish engineering industry that needed an efficient way of removing machining swarf.

Extor’s solution was a proprietary modular filter, and the company has refined and extended this technology over the years, developing and patenting a pneumatic filter cleaning system and mechanical filter cleaning technology to guarantee interruption-free operations. The company’s customer base has grown steadily, and Extor products are now used at a wide range of sites to remove production waste and dust – to ensure better product quality, longer machinery lifetimes, more efficient operations, and a better working environment.

The right solution for the job

To meet the different needs of its customers and the varying dust removal challenges they face, Extor offers a comprehensive range of low-, medium-, and high-pressure systems.

Its low-pressure systems are ideal for removing grinding dust, welding fumes and oil mist; while its high-pressure systems are designed for vacuuming heavy dust particles and powering centralised cleaning systems. Extor’s mediumpressure systems are primarily intended for material transfer systems and removing powders and granular material; and transfer material through pre-separator cyclones to the desired spot in a process or a collection bin. The amount of air used is tailored to the consistency of the material concerned.

Satisfied customers

Extor designs, develops, and manufactures all its systems, and offers complete turnkey deliveries. Under a turnkey contract, Extor reviews dust removal needs in detail with the customer, specifies plumbing, power, and other site needs, installs the system, and ensures that it does the job it is supposed to, providing on-site assistance where necessary.

Some 40% of the company’s output goes for export today, with a particular emphasis on systems for high-speed machine tools working with graphite. To date, Extor has delivered over 8,000 systems to more than 2,500 customers in industries such as electronics, food, chemicals, plastics, textiles, and forest products. Extor filter systems have also been supplied for military use.

Extor dust removal and filtration systems guarantee dust-free machining, cleaner surfaces, less wear and tear on tools, and a longer service life for milling centres and other equipment.

> Peter Burman
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)