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Healthier food for healthier living

As a contract research organisation in the field of nutrition, Foodfiles has worked with many companies in food manufacturing and pharmaceuticals to establish the efficacy and safety of their products, and help them leverage the health benefits of their products, particularly functional foods and functional food ingredients.

Foodfiles carries out clinical studies for food and pharmaceutical companies and provides assistance on regulatory issues linked to food and food supplements and consultation on nutrition- and healthrelated topics.

Foodfiles’ experienced research teams help companies complete clinical trials and document the health effects of new products, and provide counselling on nutrition and health screening. The company’s personnel can organise studies all the way from small pilot studies to long-term multi-centre interventions, and provide services ranging from literature reviews and recruiting study participants to conducting study visits, dietary monitoring, laboratory analysis, data processing, and reporting.

Based at its own research unit at the Kuopio Science Park, Foodfiles works closely with external laboratories, university hospitals, and research centres in Finland and abroad.

Navigating the regulatory minefield

Foodfiles’ expertise in clinical and general nutrition, medicine, clinical trials on foods, and dietary interventions – together with its extensive experience in regulatory affairs – has made it the expert of choice for many companies across Finland.
Foodfiles’ expertise in areas such as lipid and glucose metabolism, obesity, gut health, and allergies has proved particularly useful in testing fats and lipids, fibres, proteins, and minerals for food manufacturers, and has helped pharmaceutical manufacturers assess nutrition-related issues affecting metabolic syndrome, diabetes, lipid disorders, and blood pressure.

The company’s ability to recruit participants for studies rapidly and efficiently, organise study visits and patients schedules, provide GCPtrained personnel, and coordinate test meals and frequent blood sampling has been appreciated by pharmaceutical companies in particular.

Regulatory issues can easily be a minefield for food manufacturers, as the number and scope of official requirements in different parts of the world often seem to be growing by the day, whether you are talking about novel food regulations in the EU or GRAS foods in the US. Foodfiles can help here too, by evaluating and checking that labelling and other documentation meets the latest standards, notifying the appropriate authorities of dietary supplements or foods intended for particular nutritional use such as energy-restricted diets for weight reduction, compiling novel food applications and health claim applications, and acting as a coordinating link between a customer and the authorities.

Consultancy on issues relating to food and nutrition – such as writing reports, compiling scientific literature reviews on ingredients and components related to nutrition, and evaluating the R&D needed for new foods that a customer wants to market with health claims – rounds out Foodfiles’ offering.

> Essi Sarkkinen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)