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The best diesel ever

Neste Oil Corporation
Premium-quality NExBTL renewable diesel, based on Neste Oil’s proprietary technology, is the cleanest and best-performing diesel anywhere – bar none. With two world-scale plants nearing completion, Neste Oil is set to become the world’s leading player in the field.

The best diesel ever Neste Oil has long been a pioneer in developing and producing products that have a lower level of impact on the environment, and its NExBTL technology enables premiumquality renewable diesel to be produced from a wide range of vegetable oil and animal fat. The result is a fuel that offers significantly better technical properties than conventional first-generation biodiesels and is even better than the best fossil diesel on the market today.

It is also the only diesel produced from renewables that can be used as such or as a high-content blending component. The higher the percentage of NExBTL in a vehicle’s fuel, the bigger the improvement in performance and emissions will be. Neste Green diesel, which contains a minimum of 10% NExBTL, is already on sale to motorists in Finland, and Neste Oil’s b-to-b customers are blending NExBTL with their own products.

Neste Oil has two 170,000 t/a NExBTL plants operational and will bring two 800,000 t/a plants on stream in Singapore and Rotterdam in 2010 and 2011. When all this capacity is operational Neste Oil will be the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel.

A pure hydrocarbon, NExBTL contains no sulphur, oxygen, nitrogen, or aromatics. Thanks to a high cetane number, it combusts very efficiently and helps keep engines clean and performing at their best. It also offers good storability and does not dissolve easily in water. With excellent low-temperature properties, it can be used year-round, even in very cold climates.

Extensive field tests in Finland, Canada, and Germany have confirmed that NExBTL renewable diesel offers significantly reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and tailpipe emissions and represents a highly effective tool for reducing CO2 emissions without the need to adapt existing vehicles or distribution systems.

Greenhouse gas emissions over the product’s entire life cycle are between 40% and 80% lower compared to fossil diesel, depending on the raw material inputs used. Particulate emissions are significantly lower than those of conventional diesel, and NOx emissions are also lower than those of conventional biodiesel.

Committed to sustainability

NExBTL renewable diesel is currently produced from palm oil, rapeseed oil, and waste animal fat sourced from the food industry. Neste Oil is working with over 20 universities and research groups around the world on new raw materials, such as algae, microbes, and forest harvesting residue to extend the range of inputs that it uses.

The company can trace the origin of all the palm oil it uses, from the plantation onwards, and is an active member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). The latter’s certification system for palm oil is now being introduced, and Neste Oil expects to be able to achieve its goal of using solely certified palm oil by the end of 2015.

NExBTL renewable diesel offers lower emissions
across the board compared to fossil

  • 40-80% lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • 10% lower NOx emissions
  • 28% lower fine particle emissions
  • 28% lower carbon monoxide emissions
  • 50% lower hydrocarbon emissions.
> Hanna Maula
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)