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It’s in the wind

WinWinD wind turbines are very efficient, even at low wind speeds, thanks to their advanced blade design and pitch control, and permanent magnet generators – and deliver high performance in terms of reliability and availability as well.

Advanced WinWinD WWD-1 and WWD-3 units, capable of generating 1 and 3 MW respectively, employ Multibrid® technology and are grounded in decades of experience in energy and wind turbine technology. Demand for the 3 MW units, which feature a hub height of up to 100 metres and a rotor diameter of 103 metres, is growing particularly strongly.

The state-of-the-art technology in WinWinD turbines includes an integrated power unit with a highly reliable planetary gear system and a low-speed generator. This approach combines the best features of direct drive and high-speed gearbox systems. The low rotational speed of the power unit ensures that it has a long life.

Success ful projects in Finland and Estonia

WinWinD solutions are based on providing the best yield over the entire life-cycle of an installation. Customers in countries such as the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Portugal, and Sweden have appreciated this approach, contributing to the success of the 250 MW of WinWinD-based installed capacity that is operational today.

Finland’s PVO-Innopower took delivery of the 30 MW Ajos wind park in northern Finland, the country’s largest, at the beginning of 2009. This 10-unit facility has two WWD-3 wind turbines on the mainland and eight on man-made islands.

Beginning with their components and extending throughout their design, WinWinD wind turbines are engineered with low maintenance costs in mind. All work can be done on-site without the need for expensive equipment, minimising generating downtime.

All 10 units of a 30 MW facility in Uljabuouda in Sweden will feature the WinWinD proprietary ice prevention system, developed to keep blades free of ice and turning smoothly even in tough northern conditions. 12 MW of capacity was erected there in 2009 and the remaining 18 MW will be installed in 2010.

An even larger facility, featuring 13 WWD-3 wind turbines, was commissioned in Estonia in mid-2009. The Aulepa wind park is capable of generating over 100 GWh of electricity annually, cutting Estonia’s CO2 emissions by 120,000 t/a. The WinCare business is operating the park on behalf of the owner, Eesti Energia, and is also responsible for service and maintenance.

Aulepa comes on top of 36 MW of capacity previously supplied to Estonia, and on‑going contracts covering another 33 MW there will bring the total of WinWinD-based capacity in Estonia to 108 MW.

Stronger manufacturing base

The company has recently added advanced new manufacturing capacity to supply its growing order book.

A new Finnish plant, at Hamina in the south-east of the country, has been operational since October 2009, assembling 3 MW units; and a plant in India, near Chennai in Tamil Nadu, was opened in September 2009 for assembling and testing 1 MW nacelles, hubs, and rotor blades for customers worldwide.

> Jukka Kuuskoski
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)