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Keeping cargo on the move

Cargotec Corporation
Solutions from Cargotec’s three brands – Hiab, Kalmar, and MacGregor – lead the field in improving the efficiency of cargo flows on land and at sea. Wherever cargo is on the move, in fact.

In addition to being a leader in the global marketplace when it comes to cargo-moving solutions and services, Cargotec is also the technology leader in many of its fields. Its R&D programme focuses on innovative solutions designed to enhance the performance of its customers and the life cycles of their products by offering class-leading levels of automation and energy efficiency.

Environmental considerations, such as energy efficiency, minimising emissions and noise levels, and preventing oil leakages have been Cargotec priorities for many years. The Pro Future™ concept, for example, has been developed to deliver better performance in five areas: energy efficiency, power sources, emissions, noise pollution, and recyclability.

The hybrid technology-based Pro Future™ Kalmar straddle carrier offers valuable benefits in terms of lower fuel consumption, saving on costs for the customer and cutting CO2 emissions per carrier by 50 t/a. Other Pro Future™ products include a variable-speed rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) crane, a variable-speed straddle carrier, an automatic stacking crane, a battery-powered forklift truck, and a ship-to-shore crane featuring a regenerative energy source.

Cargotec has also prioritised the environment in its new-generation Hiab truck-mounted loader crane, which can handle an approx. 20% higher payload, thanks to its updated steering system, while using up to 40% less fuel.

Cargotec solutions improve the efficiency of cargo flows on land and at sea.

In the marine area, MacGregor has continued to focus on its electrically powered solutions and maximising the freedom from hydraulic oil and pipework they offer and lower energy consumption.

Enhancing operational efficiency

Automated solutions play an important role in enhancing the productivity of customers’ operations and minimising port and terminal costs by reducing fuel consumption, enabling better equipment utilisation, and improving safety.

Two good examples of what can be achieved here are the fully automated Kalmar Autoshuttle™ shuttle carrier and Kalmar automatic stacking crane systems (ASCs).

The Kalmar Autoshuttle™ can pick, place, and transport containers between ship-to-shore (STS) and yard stacking cranes – all without a driver; while Kalmar’s ASCs and automation systems can double the capacity of terminals, such as HHLA’s in the Port of Hamburg, where the company’s container terminals are due to be fully automated by 2015.


  • Global market-leading solutions for on-road load handling: loader cranes, demountables, truck-mounted forklifts, tail lifts, forestry and recycling cranes


  • A leading global supplier of equipment and services for container, trailer, and heavy industrial handling: reachstackers, straddle and shuttle carriers, yard and ship-to-shore cranes, terminal tractors, spreaders, empty container lift trucks, forklift trucks, and log stackers


  • A broad range including hatch covers, cranes, RoRo equipment, port equipment, cargo lashing systems, bulk-handling systems, and offshore cargo handling systems.
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)