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The action is all behind the scenes

Drawing on 25 years of experience in the field, the Ecosir Group has developed some very innovative ecological and cost-effective solutions for recycling and waste management.

Waste collection is facing new challenges at a rapidly accelerating pace, in areas such as cost efficiency, the scope and volume of materials that need to be processed, safety, and CO2 emissions. Shopping centres are a good example of the scale of today’s challenges, where waste – such as paper, organic and non-organic waste, hygiene product waste, and even laundry – needs to be collected from every floor and outlet.

Ecosir’s solution to these challenges is its automatic XMIT vacuum waste transportation system, which has been supplied to a number of shopping centres and hospitals. This enables all waste fractions to be collected via one or more shafts or vacuum collection pipes close to where they originate. Waste is fed into separate dedicated containers, compactors, or laundry cages at a centralised service facility, from where it can be processed and/or disposed of.

The XMIT system saves on both space and time, as there is no need to build separate waste facilities in individual buildings or departments, which can cut waste transportation costs and CO2 emissions by as much as 70%. As it can be installed in both new and existing buildings, XMIT is an ideal choice for residential areas, schools, industrial facilities, and many other sites.

All from one partner

Ecosir’s extensive experience in waste compactor technology has made its MONSTER compactors well-known for their quality and performance. Stand-alone MONSTER compactors, large underground Deep Station waste transfer stations, and stationary SIRLIFT systems can all be integrated with an XMIT vacuum collection system.

For locations where large amounts of waste are generated, such as shops, market squares, hospitals, and industrial sites, Ecosir can supply MONSTER-Combi compactors, featuring a combined compactor press and container.

For public spaces frequented by large numbers of people, where large amounts of litter can accumulate and where a solution needs to blend in with its surroundings as inconspicuously as possibly, Ecosir offers its SIRLIFT solution.

The only visible component of a SIRLIFT installation is a small litter bin or two. The underground assembly consists of two units: a container and a compactor. Up to 100 m3 of uncompressed waste can be handled in an environmentally friendly and odour-free way. When it comes time to empty a unit, an operator simply presses a button and the SIRLIFT’s platform rises out of the ground with the bins still on top – together with any other street furniture, such as bicycle racks. The combined container and compactor can be simply rolled out and loaded onto a truck. A fresh, empty container is then placed on the platform and the entire unit disappears below the surface again.

The SIRLIFT is ideal for public areas where large numbers of people pass by on a regular basis or other activities are concentrated that generate a steady stream of waste. The system minimises the amount of space needed on the surface, creating a more attractive environment, and eliminates odour issues.
> Mauri Leponen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)