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Better urban waste management

MariMatic has supplied more than 600 vacuum conveying systems to customers across a number of businesses since launching its original technology in the 1980s. Its MetroTaifun™ collection system for handling city waste – designed to help keep cities cleaner and make them a better place to live in – takes the technology a major step further.

MariMatic has been in the business of pneumatic conveying systems since the early 1980s and has become the leading global supplier of industrial waste collection systems, with over 600 systems in operation worldwide.

While the emphasis up until now has been on industry, particularly food manufacturing and processing and ships’ galleys, MariMatic has now taken its Taifun technology to a new level – with the MetroTaifun™ metropolitan waste collection system, designed to bring all the advantages of Taifun waste conveying to urban environments to deal with their growing waste problems.

MariMatic’s MetroTaifun™ uses a series of interconnected pneumatic conveying systems to collect solid waste from buildings and litter from public areas and deliver it to underground waste stations, from where it can be transported for treatment and recycling.

A Taifun is blowing

Our waste mountain is growing all the time, and more and more systems are being developed to sort and process waste, and recycle it or convert it into fuel for energy and other uses – once it has been collected. Collection, however, is the crux of the problem.

The piles of waste in the streets of Naples in 2007 and 2008, together with similar sights in cities elsewhere both before and after, highlight what can happen when collection breaks down. Even in well-managed cities, it is not always easy to implement truly effective waste collection systems, with the result that many pollution, hygiene, and odour problems often go unsolved. Existing systems are often also very labourintensive.

MetroTaifun™ is designed to overcome these shortcomings and uses a series of interconnected Taifun pneumatic conveying systems to collect solid waste and litter and deliver it to underground waste stations. Here, the waste is fed into containers, which are then transported to recycling centres and onward processing or treatment.

Thanks to its excellent scalability and flexibility, the system is equally suitable for improving the waste management of one building or an entire neighbourhood – and is as capable of dealing with household waste and litter in public areas such as squares, railway and bus stations, and parks, as it is with the waste generated by hospitals, including needles and other hazardous items.

This flexibility is also reflected in the fact that a building or city district can benefit from a MetroTaifun™ system either from new or as a retrofit project.

In cities with a well-developed metro system, a MetroTaifun™ system can even be integrated into the existing infrastructure and use tracks to carry containerised waste at night after most or all normal passenger services have shut down.

Graph: MetroTaifun™ is ideal for both new developments and existing buildings. It can also be integrated with a metro system to transport waste in containerised form.

A solution right under our feet

The MetroTaifun™ metropolitan waste collection system offers numerous advantages compared to conventional systems:

  • Reduces the number of waste disposal trucks and unsightly, overflowing waste bins
  • Cuts traffic emission and noise levels
  • Generates higher standards of hygiene and reduces pest problems
  • Provides safer and more reliable waste handling, and improved fire safety
  • Offers greater recycling opportunities and lower operating costs
  • Can be integrated into a city’s existing infrastructure, such as a metro, and
  • Gives a potential return on investment of only five to 10 years.

MetroTaifun™ offers more than competing solutions, including:

  • Significantly less blow-out air and lower energy usage
  • No microparticles in blow-out air
  • Less odour from blow-out air
  • Easy-to-clean pipelines
  • Reduced exhaust gas emissions
  • No suction line valves required
  • Less noise and better hygiene.

Technology for multiple applications

MariMatic’s Taifun vacuum conveying systems for handling waste and by-products are both highly efficient and hygienic, and offer excellent safety and ergonomics. Over 600 Taifun systems have been supplied to customers in more than 30 countries.

Marimatic’s four main divisions – Municipal Waste, Industry, Food, and Marine – offer ready-to-go systems for most customer needs. The company’s fifth division – Other Solutions – handles projects for other types of business and more specialised needs, such as laundry conveying, oil recovery, central cleaning systems, shredded paper and confidential data destruction, and airport gate waste handling.

Continuous R&D ensures that new concepts and applications are developed and introduced on a regular basis.

> Daniel Seere
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)