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Energy-efficient flexibility

VEM motors Finland Oy
Solutions from VEM motors Finland have built up a solid reputation for delivering high standards of performance across a wide range of demanding applications.

Working with manufacturers such as VEM motors in Germany and Finland’s Vacon, VEM motors Finland supplies its customers with a range of components and equipment, such as electric motors, gears, traction motors, and variablespeed AC drives, together with customised solutions.

Many customers in areas from pulp and paper and mining to material handling, energy, marine, and wastewater applications turn to VEM for its expertise in energyefficient solutions that use components such as advanced conical gears and high-efficiency induction motors to deliver excellent operational performance in very demanding conditions.

Companies like Outokumpu and Metso, for example, rely on solutions from VEM to keep things rolling and running when making steel or crushing rocks. Many pulp and paper mills also use packages from VEM, as they can operate reliably and uninterruptedly for extended periods and deliver valuable savings in energy usage. The 24/7 service provided by VEM also plays a key part in ensuring that production keeps going with a minimum of downtime should a problem occur.

More energy-efficient wastewater treatment

Induction motors controlled by variable-speed AC drives in a solution like this for a wastewater pumping project offer valuable savings in operating costs and excellent flexibility for adapting to varying flow rates.
Some 60-70% of the life-cycle costs of the pumping units and pumping stations used in wastewater treatment go on energy, which means that opting for systems designed with lower energy usage in mind from the start can bring major benefits. Solutions from VEM based on a combination of squirrel cage induction motors and variable-speed AC drives deliver just these kinds of savings.

In a recent project in Hausjärvi in southern Finland, for example, the local municipality decided to adopt this technology for powering the pumping needs of a revamp of its treatment system. The revamp is based on pumping effluent to a large facility in nearby Riihimäki, rather than continue treatment in smaller units, which would have had to be extensively modernised to meet modern needs. Some 30 kilometres of underground pipe have been installed capable of handling approx. 35 l/s, together with seven pumping stations.

The payback time on the pumping station part of the project has been unusually short, due in large part to the AC drives, which are used to control the induction motors. These enable lines to handle larger and more consistent flows than a conventional design, thanks to the highly optimised variable-speed operation AC drives offer.

Systems like these open up valuable new opportunities for improving the quality of wastewater treatment in rural areas cost-effectively, both in terms of the initial investment needed and, above all, in running costs over the lifetime of a system.

  • Innovative engineering and project management
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low noise levels
  • Excellent reliability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Flexibility
  • Complete solutions based on partnerships with experts in related fields such as variable-speed AC drives and automation
  • Comprehensive service.
> Kari Randell
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)