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A new era in air-cleaning technology

Desinfinator Oy Ltd.
Desinfinator has revolutionised air-cleaning technology by combining the best of a number of technologies into its products, which are capable of removing bacteria, mould, spores, pollen, odours, and microparticles from indoor air – making for a more hygienic and pleasant environment for everyone.

Many people spend up to 20 hours a day inside, at work or at home, and breathe at least 8,000 litres of indoor air a day. As a result, the importance of fresh, clean indoor air cannot be overstated. Living and working in a clean-air environment is not only better in terms of health and hygiene, it can also reduce sick leave and contribute to a healthier bottom line.

Desinfinator’s solutions for removing bacteria, mould, yeast, airborne particles, and odours from indoor air are easy to install and deliver results, even in very challenging environments.

Desinfinator’s advanced technology makes a very useful contribution to this goal of high-quality indoor air and is ideal for a wide range of environments, from offices, airports, shopping centres, hospitals, and cruise ships to industry and food manufacturing. The unique nature of Desinfinator’s products has seen the company win contracts in a number of countries in Europe, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Initially, customers tended to be concentrated in areas with acute problems, such as restaurant kitchens, that needed the excellent performance in eliminating problem bacteria such as E.coli and B.subtilis by as much as 99.8% and mould and odour problems that Desinfinator’s products offer. An increasing proportion of customers today, however, look at what Desinfinator can offer and decide to install its systems on a proactive basis to prevent problems developing in the first place.

Disinfecting air

Desinfinator’s products achieve the results they do thanks to the company’s patented unique method of using the latest nanotechnology, the outcome of extensive R&D and close cooperation with laboratories and air cleaning specialists.

Its air-cleaning products combine some of the most powerful natural disinfectants, UV-C light, ionization, and innovative special coatings, metal foam, honeycomb structures, and active carbon-based VOC filters. Strong ultraviolet light reacts with the nano-coated special filters, and together with negative ions they produce hydroxyl molecules in the presence of airborne water molecules. Hydroxyl plays a crucial role in keeping the earth’s atmosphere free of chemical pollutants and Desinfinator’s process mimics the way hydroxyl is produced naturally. 

The hydroxyl produced in a Desinfinator unit breaks down organic material in the air into harmless carbon dioxide and water. No chemicals are used, no harmful waste generated, and no ozone released. Units operate virtually silently and use very little electricity. The result is a very cost-effective method that is also virtually maintenance-free, as UV lamps only need to be replaced around every 8,000 hours.

Select your unit and start enjoying clean air

The AeroPro 800 is the first product of its type that can be installed directly into ductwork and air handling units, an approach that enables airflows to be treated very efficiently and often results in the removal of virtually 100% of impurities from the air circulated in a building. As exhaust air is also cleaned, no impurities exit a building either, keeping the neighbourhood free of problems as well. The AeroPro 800 also saves energy, as it keeps heat exchangers clean and makes heat recovery possible in locations where it has not normally been possible before.

The wall-mounted Aero 700 is lightweight and easy to install, and provides instant protection from bacteria, mould, particles, pollen, and odour for specific locations. Units provide continuous 24/7 disinfection while using very little energy and only need maintenance once a year. Larger areas and industrial locations are best served by the Aero 1000 range.

For kitchens, the Desinfinator Degrease Unit prevents fat molecules attaching themselves to walls and ceilings, breaking them down into shorter chains, which can be expelled with outgoing airfl ows, and carbon dioxide and water. Grease levels can be cut by up to 87%, resulting in improved hygiene and significant savings in maintenance and cleaning costs.

Graph: Designed for installation in air handling units, the AeroPro 800 removes odours, bacteria, yeast, viruses, and particles from the air and keeps heat exchangers clean, maximising operating efficiency.

Desinfinator technology and products are ideally suited to four main application areas:

Odour removal

  • Desinfinator systems are very effective at eliminating problem odours associated with wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations and waste handling areas. The company’s technology is perhaps the only one available that can really deliver results with these kinds of persistent and unpleasant odours. It can also remove dangerous H2S gas very effectively as well. The AeroPro 3000, for example, guarantees an odour- and bacteriafree environment for people living close to a stand-alone sewage pumping station.

Mould removal

  • Mould can be a real problem in public sector buildings such as schools, kindergartens, and hospitals, even in buildings that have been recently renovated if a project is not carried out correctly. Desinfinator products can provide a temporary solution – enabling people to go on using the space affected without suffering allergic symptoms until work on eliminating the cause of the problem begins – or act as a permanent preventive measure. They do this by not only trapping and collecting mould spores, as normal   filter systems can, but by neutralising them as well and preventing them multiplying and generating high levels of metabolites in the air.

Grease removal

  • Restaurant and catering kitchens, fast food chains, and cruise liners all generate grease as part of the cooking process and this can quickly build up in air ducts, requiring frequent cleaning and causing a fire risk. Installing a Desinfinator unit in a kitchen hood can eliminate up to 87% of this grease.

Energy saving

  • Installing a Desinfinator AeroPro 800 module into an existing air handling unit close to a heat recovery system, for example, can deliver valuable cost savings and improved indoor air quality by keeping the heat recovery system clean and performing at its best and preventing dirty air returning inside. Energy savings of up to 80% can be achieved.
> Christer Enqvist
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)