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Making more of carbon and renewable value

GreenStream Network Plc
GreenStream Network is one of Northern Europe’s leading providers of investment opportunities, intermediary services, and advisory services in the carbon and renewable energy fi eld. The company helps a wide range of customers in energy, pulp and paper, construction materials, engineering, fi nance, and retail through new initiatives designed to tackle climate change.

GreenStream’s core expertise focuses on advisory and financing services, intermediary services, and asset management services related to emissions trading, greenhouse gas offset projects, and renewable energy.

Its Green Investment Services help compliance and financial investors, project developers, and technology suppliers, for example, benefit from these fast-growing markets by developing and managing investment vehicles related to renewable energy and carbon commodities and projects. Thanks to its involvement with the day-to-day operations of these funds, GreenStream can keep its finger on the pulse of the carbon market very effectively.

GreenStream brokered the first EU emission allowance trade between Nordic companies, the first trade in the Swedish Elcertifi cate scheme, and the first financial deal involving EU emission allowances in Europe.

Based on expertise gained in cooperation with organisations such as the World Bank and the Nordic Environmental Financing Company (NEFCO), GreenStream has prepared several new renewable energy and carbon market investment vehicles.

Two of the latest funds to have been set up are the Climate Opportunity Fund (COF) and the Fine Post-2012 Carbon Fund (FPCF), which focus on the acquisition of post-2012 carbon credits for compliance and financial gain for its investors.

Prior to these, GreenStream launched the Fine Carbon Fund, Blåfall, Biogas Fund Europe (BFE), and the Nordic Carbon Fund (NCF), amongst others; and has been working with the EBRD’s and EIB’s Multilateral Carbon Credit Fund since the end of 2006 to manage emission reduction projects in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

In total, Greenstream has almost €200 million in assets under management today.

Worldwide reach

Above and beyond green investment, GreenStream supports private companies and public organisations in analysing the business impact of a carbon-constrained economy and in integrating carbon and renewable energy mechanisms and markets into their business strategies. GreenStream assistance can be very useful in developing climate-related business, preparing for emissions trading, and optimising trading strategies.

Together with South African-based CEF Carbon, GreenStream launched CarbonStream Africa in 2009 to provide comprehensive solutions and services for emission reduction projects – such as the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and voluntary off setting – in Africa.

GreenStream experts have been involved in CDM/JI/GIS project development in around 20 countries, including a number in Europe, as well as Jordan, Morocco, countries in Central and South America, India, and China.

> Aleksi Lumijärvi
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)