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Clean air is essential for good indoor environments

Halton Group Oy Ltd.
Halton is a specialist in indoor climate and indoor environment products and services for land and marine applications, and committed to promoting comfortable and safe indoor environments with an energy-effi cient, sustainable footprint.

Drawing on its expertise in cover air diffusion, airflow management, fire safety, kitchen ventilation, air purification, and indoor environment management, Halton supplies solutions for everything from public and commercial buildings to industry, commercial kitchens and restaurants, and marine and off shore applications.

Halton believes in the importance of being involved at all stages in a building’s life – design, use, and renovation or repurposing – to ensure an optimum indoor environment. Halton’s laboratories study indoor environment conditions using full-scale tests or data from computer simulations to identify the optimum HVAC installation needed for reaching the specified indoor conditions and life cycle performance. Its laboratories also provide assistance for tailoring solutions to local markets and customer-specific requirements.

In addition to supplying indoor climate products and systems, Halton has been a pioneer in user-focused indoor environment management and development services. As part of this, Halton verifies the indoor environment conditions and user satisfaction levels in new buildings, for example, and analyses and solves specific indoor environment problems in existing buildings.

Keeping kitchens performing at their best

Commercial kitchen ventilation is one of Halton’s core areas of expertise, and the company has developed a number of solutions designed to ensure safe conditions in commercial kitchens while reducing their energy consumption and emissions. The benefi ts that have resulted in terms of employee well-being and productivity, as well as profitability and environmental performance, have seen Halton become the global market leader in kitchen ventilation.

Halton’s latest innovation in this area enables exhaust airflow rates in kitchens to be cut by 65%, generating a significant saving in energy consumption while maintaining an excellent indoor climate.

Halton offers efficient, economical and environmentfriendly filtering solutions for offices, hospitals, laboratories, households, industrial sites, and other indoor environments.

Assess, install, monitor

Selecting the right filter is one of the most important factors in the cost-effective operation of a highquality ventilation system. Halton’s range includes both traditional air filters and chemical air filtration solutions. Once Halton’s experts have assessed a project’s needs, the specific filtration material, primary and secondary filtering, and any other filter components can be specified.

Customised solutions can cover complete systems, including filter components, modules, and filtering materials, as well as pre- and final filters. Once a system is running, Hilton’s state-of-the-art monitoring system enables how well it is functioning to be monitored in real time – simplifying the just-in-time replacement of filtration materials, increasing reliability, and cutting long-term operating costs.

> Anu Korhonen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2010)