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More sustainable heating and cooling

Oilon International Oy
Reducing emissions and incorporating higher levels of intelligent automation are important priorities for Oilon – and the company’s extensive research on emission control issues has resulted in a broad range of eco-friendly products.

Oilon’s expertise in environmental and energy technology has seen the company establish a significant position for itself on numerous markets worldwide over its 50-year history. Today, Oilon manufactures and supplies burners for district heating plants, ships, power plants, hazardous waste incineration plants, and industrial processes, as well as heat pumps and solar heat collectors for heating applications.

Oilon’s Geopro RE ground source heat pumps, introduced in 2009, for example, have been designed as reliable, low-maintenance, high CO P-value units for offices, commercial properties, and apartment buildings. Featuring many components used in Oilon’s other proven Geopro designs, they now offer cooling as well as heating, enabling them to provide both domestic hot water and air duct-based cooling.

Stepless heat capacity adjustment enables units to react rapidly to changes in demand. Thanks to a comprehensive automation package, units can be combined with other energy sources, such as solar collectors and oil/bio-oil or pellet-fired units, to create a hybrid system.

Combustion in Oilon’s Ultra Low- NOx natural gas burners can be controlled very efficiently using an Oilon Burner Management System (BMS).

Ultra Low-NOx natural gas burners

Oilon has always prioritised high efficiency, reliable operations, high-performance combustion, and low emissions in its burners.

In response to the trend towards everlower emissions, the company has recently launched a new power plant and process burner capable of meeting the most stringent NOx emission limits envisaged in upcoming legislation such as the EU’s industrial emissions directive.

The advanced design is the outcome of both laboratory and full-scale testing, complemented with CFD computer simulation. Thanks to staged combustion, fuel and air flows within the burner create optimal air envelopes inside and around the flame, resulting in low NOx emissions and a compact flame geometry. Inner flue gas recirculation guarantees very low emissions. The burner also offers low levels of ambient noise.

Up to 16 GeoPro HE heat pumps can be connected in parallel to provide more than 1.3 MW of heating energy.
> Ari Saario
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)