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We don’t waste heat

Scancool heat pumps are ideal for a wide range of applications in textiles, food and dairy manufacturing, brewing, chemicals, and pulp and paper – and the company’s HHP technology opens up even more opportunities.

High Heat Pump (HHP) technology from Scancool – one of Finland’s leading suppliers of industrial refrigeration and heat pumps for industrial heat recovery – offers an innovative way to generate high-temperature water from lowtemperature waste heat efficiently and cost-effectively. It does this by taking the conventional heat pump one step further.

While conventional units, which Scancool also supplies, enable facilities to recover part of their waste heat very effectively, temperatures in the 45-60 °C range are simply not enough for everyone. Heat pumps that can operate at higher temperatures (70-80 °C) typically call for specialist components that make them uncompetitive from a cost standpoint, however.

Scancool’s HHP technology changes all this, as it offers high-temperature capabilities without a significant cost premium.

Real savings

Scancool HHP opens up the possibility of employing cost-effective heat pump technology in industry and energy generation to a much greater extent than has been feasible to date, reducing the need for fossil or other fuels. A Scancool heat pump can achieve savings of up to 80% in terms of costs and reduced greenhouse gas (CO2) effect, and requires only 20-35% of the energy input needed by a conventional heating system to achieve the same level of output.

Based on two research projects involving Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation and Scancool’s in-house R&D team, it has proved possible to commercialise HHP technology very quickly and across a wide range of sizes, with very low costs per MWh.

One unit does it all

Valio’s new HHP solution uses only slightly more electricity than a refrigeration unit would need, but delivers much more.
Finland’s leading dairy, Valio, recently joined the select number of customers to benefit from Scancool’s HHP technology. The new unit at Valio’s Vaarala site follows hot on the heels of the installation of a more conventional Scancool twin-circuit HP291 at the company’s Riihimäki location, which has helped the site save a significant proportion of its annual energy purchasing costs by recovering and recycling heat from the dairy’s refrigeration plant.

The Vaarala unit goes two steps further, by generating hotter water (75 °C) for process and space heating use, and by providing refrigeration energy. By meeting both needs with a single unit, Valio has been able to save on both its current operating costs and its long-term cooling equipment investments.

Employing non-toxic HFC refrigerants, variable frequency drive-controlled screw compressors, and programmable PLC automation, the HHP system will pay itself back in a short time.

The Scancool HHP advantage 

  • Full-load heat output (up to 80 °C) in unit sizes ranging from 0.1 to 5 MW
  • Modularity ensures flexibility and easy expansion
  • Smart PLC-based control for robust operations, even at partial load
  • Can be used in parallel or series with a wide range of heat exchangers
  • Uncompromising custom design and high-quality components result in optimum performance.
> Juha Aaltola
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)