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Better-quality light for your greenhouse

Valoya’s energy-efficient grow lights are based on patent-pending LED technology that provides an optimum source of light for greenhouse plants. They consume significantly less electricity than conventional high-pressure sodium lights and outperform other LED-based grow lights in terms of the quality of their light.

Valoya’s energy-efficient greenhouse lights are the fruit of a combination of the company’s proprietary LED technology and novel plant photobiology research carried out in cooperation with various leading institutions. This has resulted in units that produce a spectrum of light specifically tuned to plant needs and do not waste energy on the other part of the spectrum or on generating unnecessary and unwanted heat.

Valoya’s units differ significantly from traditional high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights, and not only in terms of energy costs. The light spectrum from HPS units is not well-suited to plants, and HPS units also radiate excessively high levels of heat directly onto plants, which limits their use in installations where lights need to be placed in close proximity to plants. Thanks to their freedom from this heat problem, Valoya’s grow lights can be installed virtually anywhere.

Valoya’s proprietary LED technology and the optimised-spectrum light it produces also differs completely from other LED-based grow lights, which use narrow-bandwidth combinations of red and blue diodes.

Major energy savings

The light from a Valoya Bar 120 is very well distributed, which helps ensure even crop growth. The aluminium armature is robust, light, and easy to install, and its minimal heat footprint makes it not only good for plants but also good from a safety perspective as well. The service life of a 60 W or 100 W Valoya Bar 120 is also four times longer than that of traditional units.

All in all, Valoya’s grow lights offer electricity savings of up to 50% compared to other solutions, depending on plant species and other conditions. By improving plant quality as well, Valoya lights also contribute additional revenue and/or lower costs for greenhouse users, while the light spectrum they generate and their low heat profile make it possible to introduce new and more effective growing practices.

Great for tree seedlings too

Valoya has been working with the Swedish paper and forest products company, Holmen, and the University of Dalarna to create a new type of light for tree seedlings as part of a larger project to increase Holmen’s seedling capacity.

“Valoya’s grow lights have the potential to be an excellent light source for tree seedling growth in the new process we’ve developed,” according to Professor Anders Mattsson of the University of Dalarna.

Roger Larm, of Holmen’s Friggesund nursery, is equally impressed.

“The significant investment we’ve made in upgrading our nursery operations, including LED lights, has the potential to make our unit one of the world’s leading forest nurseries.”

> Lars Aikala
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)