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Solutions for industrial, municipal, and natural water

Waterix’ AIRIT® aerators, MIXIT® mixers, and COOLIT® coolers offer significant energy savings compared to more traditional designs.

Waterix is Finland’s largest manufacturer of medium-speed surface aerators and the market leader in leachate water treatment systems for landfills and equalization basins for pulp and paper mills. The company’s emphasis on overall lifecycle costs and eco-efficiency has resulted in systems with low energy consumption that can be controlled very accurately; they are also very easy to install and service.

This has made Waterix units popular in industrial and municipal treatment plants, while its smaller models are ideal for oxygenating lakes, fish and crab basins, and golf course ponds.

Unique design

Waterix’ medium-speed AIRIT® aerators combine the high operational efficiency and controllability of bottom aerators with the reliability and low capital cost of surface aerators. The range now extends to seven models, ranging in size from the AIRIT® Micro for small ponds to the AIRIT® 1700 for very large aeration needs, all of which are so efficient that other mixing methods are seldom needed.

Wide intake pipes up to 12 meters deep ensure that water can circulate easily. Once on the surface, it is thrown out horizontally in carefully controlled droplets and spray patterns, and is aerated as it travels through the air before re-entering the water.

A programmable variable-speed AC drive is used to control rotational speed to ensure optimum energy usage and avoid running units at higher capacity than needed. Oxygen sensors measure the oxygen level in the water and pass this data on to the drive, which regulates aerating capacity automatically. Customers can also program automatic propeller cleaning and custom aerating/mixing sequences.

Cooling and mixing power

The AIRIT® 1700 aerator is designed to handle very large aeration requirements. As it can move a vast amount of water, no extra mixing is required.
Waterix COOLIT® coolers are ideal for cooling hot process water and acting as condensers for cooling basin water. Thanks to their wide intake pipes, they are normally blockage-free, resulting in minimal maintenance costs.

Lightweight, easyto- handle COOLIT® 16000 units are excellent for replacing the huge cooling towers that have traditionally been used at pulp and paper mills. Waterix has supplied these units to a number of customers in the industry for cooling hot effluent before it is biologically treated. Combining COOLIT® with AIRIT® aerators provides highly efficient simultaneous aeration, mixing, and cooling capabilities – delivering valuable energy savings.

With their motor above the water surface, Waterix’ MIXIT® mixers are inherently more reliable than submerged mixers; and their use of a downward flow pipe means that only one propeller and a short shaft are needed for mixing even deep basins. An optional AC drive enables mixing speed, thrust, and energy consumption to be optimised.

This capability will be particularly valuable in helping meet growing denitrification requirements. The MIXIT® 1200, for example, has already been approved in Germany for denitrification use in a plant designed to handle effluent from over 1 million residents.

> Jorma Karhunen
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)