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The world’s widest range of GNSS solutions

With over 10 years of expertise in positioning, Fastrax manufactures OEM GNSS receiver modules and provides software GPS solutions and asset-tracking platforms that are among the most advanced anywhere.

With the world’s widest range of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) OEM modules for positioning use, Fastrax is ideally placed to deliver the best in terms of sensitivity, size, power consumption, and performance for modern industrial, automotive, and consumer applications.

The Fastrax IT520, launched in 2010, for example, combines very small size with market-leading performance. Its excellent cold start sensitivity means that it can acquire satellite signals and start navigating while competing modules are still trying to get their first fix. Thanks to its small size and low power consumption, the IT520 is perfect for battery-operated consumer products such as handheld computers, cameras, and sports accessories.

The Fastrax IT430 – a miniature complete GPS receiver with very low power consumption – has also been very well-received and is bringing location-aware features to a wider range of consumer devices. One of the smallest complete GPS modules available today, its extensive built-in features keep the number of external components needed to a minimum.

The tiny form factor of the new IT430, shown here at life size, makes it one of the smallest complete GPS modules available today.
Products like these, as well as the new, ultra-high-sensitive and easy-to-use UP501 GPS antenna module, highlight Fastrax’ commitment to innovative solutions that deliver significant cost savings for customers.

Like its hardware-based cousins, Fastrax Software GPS – Fastrax’ lowest-cost GPS solution – is also helping extend location-based services to a wider array of consumer devices. Designed to carry out all GPS calculations on a device’s main processor using only a small proportion of the available resources, it offers record-breaking sensitivity, low power consumption, flexibility, small size, and support for other GNSS solutions.

Track & Trace

The Fastrax Track & Trace platform offers a package of hardware and technology designed to free up customers’ time and resources that might otherwise be spent on device development and allow them to focus on their tracking services. This approach provides an ideal basis for developing applications for tracking cars, trucks, trailers, motorbikes, boats, and rental equipment that can be brought to market faster than using a more conventional approach

The Fastrax Engineering Services Team can help system developers add GNSS features to any end-product, integrate Fastrax modules into specified designs, optimise GNSS functionality, or make the most of software tools for application-specific programming.

Fastrax’ state-of-the-art OEM GNSS receivers, combined with strong support and application design know-how, enable GPS functionality to be integrated into devices with a minimum amount of effort and cost.
> Taneli Tuurnala
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)