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Wind power is where it’s at

WinWinD turbines are renowned for their operational efficiency, particularly at low wind speeds, and for their excellent grid compatibility, reliability, and availability. The new WinWinD 3 is set to further reinforce this reputation.

WinWinD turbines are based on medium-speed technology and their design draws on decades of experience in energy and wind turbine technology. They feature an integrated power unit and a planetary gear with a mediumspeed permanent magnet synchronous generator and full power conversion. This approach combines the best features of direct drive and high-speed gearbox systems, with significantly less moving parts than a conventional drive train. The low rotational speeds used ensure a long service life.

WinWinD solutions are designed to provide the best yield over the entire life-cycle of a wind park and are engineered with low maintenance costs in mind. Customers in countries such as the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Portugal, and Sweden have appreciated this approach, contributing to the success of the more than 300 MW of WinWinD capacity that is operational today.

WinWinD 3 MW wind turbines are manufactured at the company’s plant in Finland, while its facility in Chennai in India concentrates on assembling 1 MW nacelles, hubs, and rotor blades. Both plants have been operational since autumn 2009.

Setting a new standard in the 3 MW class

Winwind Ltd. has now launched a brand-new 3 MW wind turbine, the WinWinD 3. This takes the integrated power unit concept to a new level, providing better profitability and reliability for operators in all three wind classes. With rotor diameters up to 120 metres, maximum output can be achieved even at sites with low wind speeds.

Thanks to optimised turbine design, the nacelle weight of the WinWinD 3 has been reduced significantly. Combined with a more maintenance-friendly layout and a sophisticated control system, this makes installation and logistics simpler and easier.

Reliability was one of the key goals in the design of the new WinWinD 3. As the main bearing transfers the rotor load directly to the main casing of the supporting structure, the entire drive train is kept free from deformation. The integrated power unit, comprising the main bearing, planetary gearbox, and permanent magnet synchronous generator, eliminates the unreliability of high-speed components.

Like all WinWinD turbines, the advanced, specially developed control system in the WinWinD 3 ensures excellent electricity output and grid code compliance.


The first new-generation WinWinD 3, with a hub height of 90 metres and a rotor diameter of 109 metres, will be erected in Raahe on Finland’s west coast in spring 2011. Testing will start in the summer. Commercial deliveries of the new units are expected to start at the beginning of 2012.

> Ann Bouisset
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)