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Tough solutions for tough jobs

Equipment from Normet is used worldwide – in mining and underground construction projects, building road and rail tunnels, car parks, power plants, and oil and gas storage facilities.

Normet has four decades of experience in supplying mobile equipment, vehicles, and related services for use in underground mining and tunnelling projects, and has delivered over 7,000 vehicles to date.

The company offers a very comprehensive range of products for mining and tunnelling needs, covering everything from hauling and concrete spraying to explosives charging, and scaling, and vehicles for transporting men and materials.

Normet works with a network of leading partners in basic research, automation development, and industrial design – and uses state-of-the-art software for its electrical and hydraulic design and for stability and strength calculations.

Life time care designed to keep customers’ processes running as smoothly as possible is an integral part of Normet’s offering today. In addition to a traditional spare part service, which remains as important as ever in keeping unnecessary downtime to a minimum, Normet offers value-added services such as service contracts, audits, and training.

Normet also works with customers to help develop their working methods and maximise the added value that Normet’s equipment can provide and take advantage of things like the latest concrete chemistry know-how.

Normet’s recent acquisition of TAM Construction Chemicals, a specialist in chemicals and systems for waterproofing, leak sealing, and repair has been a valuable addition in this area and has further strengthened Normet’s market position internationally.

The Spraymec 8100 VC is the most advanced unit in Normet’s Spraymec range and features the NorSmart control system.

Better sprayed concrete

Normet’s mobile sprayers, transmixers, and agitators are the outcome of decades of underground experience and close links with its tunnelling and mining customers. Many of the hundreds of concrete sprayers and concrete transportation units that Normet has delivered over the years are still serving customers well, thanks to their excellent reliability and durability.

All of Normet’s Spraymec models– including its last and most advanced unit, the Spraymec 8100 VC – are available in an electro- or diesel-hydraulic configuration, with an optional on-board compressor. Transmixers and agitators can be supplied with a range of different horizontal or inclined bowls, and all feature powerful engines for excellent operating speed. A soundproof operator’s cab is a standard option for all mining equipment.

Better charging

A mechanised charging process is essential to maximise the benefits of bulk explosives. Equipment must be safe and reliable and meet the highest productivity and quality requirements, both for face and production charging.

Normet’s range of Charmec underground explosive chargers is designed to meet all of these needs, and hundreds of these units are in use worldwide. As the technology used in modern emulsion and water gel charging processes sensitises explosives while they are on the charging unit, Normet has developed its charging concepts in close cooperation with explosives manufacturers.

Better scaling and better access

Normet’s Scamec units are designed to make scaling loose rock manually – which is unsafe, unproductive, and uneconomical – a thing of the past. Scamecs can be equipped with a hydraulic impact hammer for scaling hard rock or a pick unit for primary scaling in soft and stratified rock and secondary scaling.

Normet’s mobile Scamec 2000, for example, has been developed with the help of extensive input from the field; and comes in three interchangeable boom versions for optimum reach and coverage, reducing the need for repositioning and keeping non-productive time to a minimum.

Normet’s scissor lifts are designed for load lifting and installation work in mines and lowprofile tunnels, such as roof reinforcement, charging explosives, hanging cables, and installing pipes and ventilation equipment. Its Himec lifting vehicles are ideal for medium- and heavy-duty work in practically any tunnel profile, and can be supplied in a large variety of configurations for different needs. A new platform load-sensing system and other built-in safety features ensure maximum operator safety.

Normet also supplies a full range of rubbertyred underground transport vehicles. Utimec units can be custom-built for any purpose; and the Multimec slide-on, slide-off cassette system is ideal for mines needing the ability to multipurpose vehicles rapidly to carry men, materials, or other items.

Hundreds of Normet’s Charmec underground explosive chargers are in use worldwide.

Smarter sprayed concrete

Launched in 2010, the Normet Spraymec 8100 VC electro-hydraulic self-propelled mobile concrete sprayer is designed for high-performance applications and using alkali-free accelerators in tunnels with variable cross-sections. Four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering make the unit easy to manoeuvre in limited spaces.

The Spraymec 8100 VC features Normet’s latest state-of-the-art control system – NorSmart –which guarantees efficient, productive, and high-quality output, thanks to features like low-pulsation spraying and pumping, highly accurate and reliable accelerator dosing and boom and nozzle positioning, and real-time control and fault diagnostics.

Easy servicing was a high priority in the design, and the unit’s innovative layout features a revolutionary service technician’s passage extending through the entire unit, giving access to all service points. The concrete pipe support arm also makes cleaning the concrete line easy and fast, while the upper section of the concrete hopper can be turned out of the way to service the unit’s concrete cylinders.


“Life time care services help keep 
customers’ processes running smoothly.”

> Jukka Pihlava
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)