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Tana has been a leading provider of customer-driven solid waste management technology solutions for landfills and the recycling business for many years, and is a major force on many markets around the world. TANA ProTrack and TANA ProLoc extend the capabilities of its equipment even further.

Tana’s product portfolio consists of five different landfill compactors and various slow-speed shredders, which are offered in diesel- and electric-powered configurations, as stationary or mobile units mounted on a semi-trailer or tracks. Whatever the product or configuration, however, Tana always focuses on reliability, durability, serviceability, and added value.

With decades of experience and hundreds of machines delivered to date, Tana has built up an enviable reputation for being a partner that is always at the front of the field in introducing the latest innovations.

Extended capabilities

Customers using or buying TANA Gx Series landfill compactors and TANA Shark waste shredders can now benefit from the state-of-the-art ProTrack remote management system. The multi-functional wireless technology this incorporates makes it possible to trouble-shoot problems over an Internet connection, saving time and maximising machine uptime.

ProTrack also enhances fleet management by providing machine-specific information on operating costs – such as total working hours, loads, idle time, and fuel consumption – all of which can be collated into monthly operational reports sent out by email.

TANA ProLoc was developed in close cooperation with a customer using TANA compactors; and the first commercial ProLoc unit was delivered in late 2010.
The potential of TANA Gx Series compactors has been extended even further recently with the launch of TANA ProLoc, which enables the location and volume of compacted waste to be optimised with the help of a highly accurate location tracking system.

Using Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) data and a gravitational tilt sensor, TANA ProLoc can track the position of a compactor to the nearest centimetre, regardless of local weather conditions or vehicle tilt. The system makes use of a customer’s digital filling plan to give operators a real-time view of how work is progressing, and a 3D display indicates when the planned fill level for a particular section of a site has been reached by ‘painting’ the area green.

TANA ProLoc can store location information automatically to a log file that can be used to look up the destination of specific loads at a later date. Operators can also manually record code-based location points. Progress can be monitored in real time on an office computer via the system’s Internet connection, which also enables new work plans to be downloaded and installed ‘on the fly’.

> Mirja Yli-Erkkilä
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)