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We believe in refining waste, not just treating it

Preseco’s innovative turnkey solutions help customers transform waste streams into true added value – by generating renewable energy from waste while simultaneously purifying sidestreams, for example.

Preseco believes that it can generate significant economic and environmental added value for its customers by integrating waste, water, and energy technologies under one roof. By combining biogas, composting, and wastewater treatment systems, a Preseco-designed facility can process all the waste and wastewater from a slaughterhouse, for example, and generate energy for the slaughter house and people living nearby, while reducing the costs normally associated with waste transportation and outsourced services.

Preseco’s processes can handle biowaste from households and kitchens, food processing residues, slaughterhouse waste, by-products from fruit and grain processing and distilleries, liquid and solid manure, and wastewater treatment sludge – converting everything into energy, compost soil, and/or clean water. Municipal solid waste can be easily separated into energy and other fractions.

Preseco’s patented Anaerobic Digestion Accelerator (ADA ) technology is ideal for generating biogas from energy-rich biowaste, such as fats and animal proteins. A customised version can produce biogas for heating or generating electricity, or for refining input into motor fuel.

In cases where composting is a priority, Preseco’s patented Accelerated Composting Unit (ACU) technology offers multiple benefits. A continuous drum composting-based process, ACU requires no chemicals, additives, or additional energy input, and generates zero runoff and emissions.

Chemical-free operations are also a feature of the Preseco NW ground water purification system, which produces quality drinking water. This multiphase oxidizing-stripping biofiltration system can remove soluble iron and manganese, and gases such as methane and radon, as well as sulphuric acid and ammonia, together with other organic and inorganic impurities. The chemical-free nature of the process helps make it both safe and cost-effective.

An emissions-neutral biofuel

Preseco has also developed technology based on pyrolysis combustion to produce a high-quality biofuel from any organic material containing carbon, such as wood and rice straw. Inputs with a high carbon content will produce high-quality fuel or activated carbon, while those with a lower carbon content will produce char fertiliser with proven soil improvement properties.

An emissions-neutral biofuel with an energy value equal to that of high-quality fossil coal and very low emissions, biocarbon is fully compatible with conventional coal-fired power plants and offers an excellent solution for increasing renewable energy production while rapidly reducing CO2 emissions.

In addition to its technological expertise, Preseco acts as process integrator, handling the customised planning and design, construction, and operation of completed plants for customers.
> Mikko Kantero
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)