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Optimising process efficiency with high-performance air systems

TM System Finland Oy
TM Systems specialises in industrial air systems and energy-saving solutions. Its innovative and environmentally friendly technology, backed by over 35 years of experience, helps plants minimise their energy consumption while maximising output.

TM Systems’ expertise and services cover practically all the air and heat systems typically used in a paper mill, as well as a number of those used in other industries. The company’s offering ranges from engineering services to turnkey deliveries of complete systems, and covers both rebuilds of existing machinery and new installations.

Technology developed in Finland – together with in-house manufacturing facilities in Finland and China and a worldwide supplier and manufacturing network – underpin operations and ensure that customers can rely on TM Systems for highly competitive solutions.

Customer input plays an important part in improving existing designs and brainstorming new products, and the company’s R&D team works closely with customers and Finnish universities, making use of the latest state-of-the-art tools and methods.

A comprehensive range

TM Systems’ portfolio includes a number of highly effective solutions that deliver valuable energy savings, greater productivity, and improved runnability, while simultaneously improving working conditions for personnel and the overall mill environment, by reducing noise, dust, and excess heat and humidity. These include high-humidity hoods for dryer sections, mill ventilation systems, and dust extraction systems.

A high-dew point closed hood is an essential part of a modern paper machine and can greatly improve the efficiency of the dryer sections of older paper machines. TM Systems’ closed hoods, which can easily be adapted to fit any machine configuration, ensure a high level of humidity inside the hood to provide optimum conditions for web drying and recover the heat used in the drying process, preventing it from spreading into the machine hall and being wasted.

Heat recovery and ventilation

Heat recovery and ventilation systems utilise the excess heat produced during drying processes. TM Systems supplies heat recovery systems for heating the primary supply air for dryer sections, room ventilation air, process water, and mill heating glycol water. Multi-stage systems are optimised for maximum total efficiency.

Mill ventilation systems play a key part in ensuring optimum temperature and moisture levels at a site and need to be tailored to local climate conditions and the particular configuration of machinery used there. With over 100 heat recovery reference installations worldwide, TM Systems can offer solutions featuring proven technical excellence and cost-effectiveness in this area as well.

TM Systems’ innovative heat recovery solutions utilise the excess heat produced during drying processes to reduce energy consumption.
> Markus Hallapuro
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)