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Incap Corporation
A growing number of leading technology companies rely on Incap as their strategic manufacturing services partner today. Incap’s expertise in areas such as product design often translates into end-products offering better energy efficiency and greater innovation.

Incap’s offering covers the entire life-cycle of products, from design and manufacture to final assembly and after-sales services. The company’s plants in Finland, Estonia, and India provide customised, cost-effective, and qualitycertified manufacturing.

Integrated design services represent an increasingly important part of Incap’s work today, and range from product development and designing for optimum manufacturability to component engineering. Incap can play a valuable role in helping select components and materials, manufacturing and testing technology, and delivery logistics; and can even redesign existing products to be simpler and capable of being manufactured at lower cost. By partnering with Incap and taking advantage of benefits like these, customers can devote more attention and resources to building their brands, business development, distribution, and marketing.

Growing number of partnerships

Incap provides customers in the energy sector with generator and electrical motor components, emergency power sources, energy meters, power supplies, control cabinets, and components for electricity supply and power distribution equipment. Incap has worked with ABB for over a decade, for example, manufacturing components for ABB’s synchronous machines.

Incap’s design and engineering expertise at its unit in India has been central to a growing number of the company’s orders recently. Incap has steadily expanded its design team in India and many of the current customers of the company’s Indian plant have become partners following the success of initial design service contracts.

The smart chargers designed to provide a fast charging cycle and extend the service life of car batteries developed for a major supplier of electric cars in India are a good example of this.

The ability to offer local services close to customers’ growing markets is central to Incap’s strategy and was instrumental in the contract signed in early 2011 to supply Kemppi, a renowned producer of state-of-the-art arc welding equipment, with electronic assemblies for Kemppi’s new Indian production facility. Incap’s other customers in India include KONE, Victron Energy, and General Electric.

In addition to its energy-related business, Incap also provides technology companies in fields such as well-being and security with manufacturing services and product life-cycle management solutions.

End-products in these areas include patient care monitors, performance measuring devices for fitness and sport, electronic scales, dental equipment, metal detectors, tracking devices, airport security gates, locks, and weather forecasting equipment.

In addition to reliable and agile manufacturing, Incap offers a growing range of design expertise, together with life-cycle services.
(Published in HighTech Finland 2011)